14 Instances Of Girl Karma That Will Always Come Back To Haunt You

by Ashley Fern

There are certain things girls do that they think they can get away with -- blatantly ignoring this little thing called karma.

But while you think you are getting away with "murder," your friends are more than aware of your behavior and so is the ol' holy karma.

They know you ate more than they did at the group dinner, but went along with splitting the check evenly because, honestly, none of you can add, subtract or divide for the life of you.

What are some of the worst ways to earn yourself with some karma? Well...

1. Borrowing a piece of clothing with no intention of returning it

This is the ultimate girl-on-girl crime. The worst thing you can do is lend your favorite shirt to your friend only to see her rocking it in her new default Facebook picture three months down the line.

Don't even try to call her out, just accept the loss and vow never to lend her your belongings ever again.

2. Hooking up with a girl's boyfriend/ex-boyfriend

Didn't you learn anything from "Mean Girls"? Nah, me neither.

3. Not paying for that cab

Yes, it's only three dollars, but when you pull this type of sh*t every weekend, it starts to add up. Don't be that girl who is notorious for never having cash on her.

4. Screen-shotting conversations and blasting them on group chats

Isn't this what Steve Jobs had in mind when he created the screen-shot options? He must have been having some really sh*tty conversations to think of this one.

5. Stealing a girl's look

Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but when I spend two months saving up for a dress, you better not be spending your net paycheck on the same thing.

There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to find your friend, let alone anyone, wearing the same outfit as you are.

6. Putting up a picture that you look way better than your friend in

Is this why birthday collages were made?

7. Being that one girl who doesn't contribute to the group's collective efforts

You know the girl who suggests splitting that handle for the pregame? Or that quarter of pot, but never contributes? Yeah, don't be that girl, EVER. This only brings us to...

8. Insisting to split the bill evenly when you know you ate (and drank) more than everyone else

The quickest way to figure out any bill is obviously for all the people involved to throw down their cards and hope for the best. But as most everyone knows, this rarely comes out evenly.

Don't be the douche who ordered three rounds of drinks while everyone else ordered one and expect everyone to pay the same amount. That's just bad form and trust me, everyone is well aware of what you're doing.

9. Bringing leftovers to the office so everyone else eats them instead of you at 2 in the morning

There isn't much of a downside in regards to leftovers except when you find yourself drunk at the end of the night. The best way to get rid of them? Bring them to the office so everyone thinks you are just really nice and don't have any ulterior motives.

10. Changing someone's Netflix queue when you're using her login

That is just f*cked up. I lent a friend of mine my Netflix info and the next day my entire queue was filled of lesbian flicks. Not sure if that was a joke on me or whether this person really wanted a lesson on lesbianism.

Needless to say, my father was a bit confused by that one upon logging in to the family account.

11. You give your friend's Netflix login to another friend

Don't do that as I'm pretty sure this goes against the basic rules of feminism as well. I know it doesn't cost anything extra, but at least ask before doing that...

12. Saying you're not hungry then proceeding to eat your friend's entire meal

Don't lie to both me and yourself, if you know you're hungry, go get yourself a damn meal. I know I offered you a bite of my lunch, but don't be greedy — a bite is just that, one bite.

13. Making your friend see a movie you know she won't like

In this day and age, movie tickets are upwards of $20, so it's pretty messed up if you trick your friend into seeing a sh*tty movie with you.

Well, that is unless you are offering to pay for her and, at that point, you may as well take your $40 elsewhere, like the LF sale.

14. Beating your friend to a purchase she clearly called dibs on

You know your best friend has been eyeing those new heels for the past month, so why do you think it's acceptable for you to go out and purchase them?

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It