Daddy's Girl: 18 Ways A Girl's Father Is Always There For Her

by Ashley Fern

Apparently, one of women's favorite pastimes is discussing how their mothers are like best friends to them. While this is all fine and dandy, I can't relate. I wish I could, but I can't.

Actually, no I don't wish that because I have someone else who fills that role, and I like to call him my father.

I can guarantee there's a hefty sum of people out there who have trouble relating as well, so today, this part of the show is directed at you.

This is why your father will always be your number one supporter and best friend:

1. He is upfront with you

Feelings aside, your father will tell you exactly what you need to hear in whichever way it will get through to you.

He realizes the importance of being straightforward and upfront and, as a result, tells you the hard truth.

2. You don't even get offended when he tells you "I told you so"

If your mother told you that, there's a solid chance you'd get pissed off, but when it's your dad telling you, it's just laughable.

This just ensures you will never, ever make that same mistake again.

3. He offers you the best advice about guys

It takes one to know one, which is why it only makes sense you get your advice about men from your father.

He's not going to want to see his daughter get played around by some guy, so he will advise you on how to play the game right back.

4. He understands the power of just letting you vent

After years and years of relationships, a man figures out that the best way to handle a frustrated woman is just to let her vent.

He won't try to fight you on your irrelevant and irrational thoughts, he will just let you scream them at the top of your lungs.

Afterwards, you will both laugh while indulging in a beer and carb fest.

5. Your arguments don't become extremely emotional

Dads never like seeming weak in front of their children, which is why your fights are usually short-lived and lacking in bullsh*t.

6. He taught you everything you needed to get by with when it comes to sports

Sure, you may not know how many points a field goal is worth or what a cornerback is, but you do know who the quarterback is and what he does.

7. You are his pride and joy

There's nothing parents like to do more than brag about their children. This is especially true of the relationship between a father and daughter. He treats your accomplishments as if they were his own.

8. He wants you to succeed on your own

A father is there to support his child, but nothing brings him more joy than when you can succeed without his help. Of course, he will always be there for you, but being able to see you stand on your own after raising you just makes him all the prouder.

9. He encourages you to take risks

Your dad is by your side 100 percent when it comes to taking risks. He understands the nature of high risk and high reward, and encourages you to dabble with it. Chances are this is how he got to where he is today.

10. He's done way worse than anything you could ever think of

Just think of all the crazy sh*t your guy friends have done. Your father has seen it all, and more than likely participated in it himself.

So next time you worry about that speeding ticket, just remember he's seen his fair share.

11. He does whatever he can to cheer you up

From stupid emails to witty text messages, if you are upset, there is nothing your dad won't do to cheer you up.

He never likes to see the number one girl in his life upset, so he will do whatever it takes to put that smile back on your face.

12. He always makes you his priority

It doesn't matter if his team is in the playoffs for whatever sports season it is, if you need something that's where his attention will be. You are his little girl and whatever you need, whenever you need it, is at the top of his agenda.

13. His advice takes precedence over any other person

It doesn't matter if you asked your closest friends for advice and they all came back with the same answer... if your father's advice is different from theirs, you know exactly who you will be listening to.

14. You are a team

His problems are your problems; your problems are his problems. You both are open books to each other. You're there whenever he needs your help and vice versa; he is your biggest advocate, as you are his.

15. He doesn't judge you for your mistakes, rather he tries to help you see the underlying issue

Sure, this may have been the third month in a row you've had to beg for food money, but instead of flipping out on you, he tries to help you see the error of your ways.

He doesn't want to see you continue to make the same mistakes, so he helps you in the best way he knows how so that you will understand and be able to execute.

16. He is perfectly fine watching three hours of "One Tree Hill" with you

You even start to believe (if you don't already) he likes these shows!

17. Your funniest memories as a kid are with him

Remember when he would sneak you dessert before dinner? Or when he brought you along to work so you could "help" him file paperwork? Or that time he told you he would jump off the high dive at the pool if you just gathered the courage to try the zip-line?

Looking back at your childhood, you realize the most special moments were shared with your dad by your side.

18. He thinks you look perfect just the way you are

It doesn't matter if you gained 20 extra pounds or got a ridiculous haircut... in your father's eyes, you are perfect. There is nothing he would ever change about you, regardless of your impression of yourself.

And for that, fathers of the world, we are eternally grateful.