10 'Full House' Episodes You Need To Binge-Watch Before 'Fuller House'

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I grew up on “Full House."

While other kids raved about Barney or Sesame Street, I was all about Mr. Woodchuck and Joey Gladstone's impressions of Popeye. When other kids longed to go to Degrassi High and gushed over their "Saved By The Bell" crush, I imagined what my life would be like if my uncles were anything like Jesse and Joey.

As an only child, I wanted nothing more than to have Michelle, Stephanie and DJ for sisters. Heck, I even wanted Kimmy as a neighbor growing up. Who wouldn't want to wake up to the sound of “Hola, Tanneritos"?

What made “Full House” so memorable was that no matter how dire the situation, it would always be resolved with emotional music and a talk from an adult. Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey and Danny Tanner were always around to save the day. Even if their solutions were sometimes a little wacky, they always got it done. Although, to be fair, who wouldn't want to live with John Stamos?

Before “Fuller House” takes over your Netflix queue and your weekend, be sure to binge the following.

1. "They Call It Puppy Love"

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What makes it great: This is the episode where the Tanners adopt Comet. Any episode of a show where a puppy gets adopted is worth watching. RIP Comet.

Binge-worthy moment: When Uncle Jesse loses his sh*t over Minnie, Comet's mother, having puppies on his precious bed. Um, can I have a puppy or two in your bed, John Stamos?

2. "A Little Romance"

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What makes it great: This is the first episode where Aunt Becky gets all possessive over the man who will one day become my husband, Uncle Jesse.

Binge-worthy moment: When Danny tries to tell DJ the story of the ugly duckling to help her feel better about that f*ckboy Michael. Are you kidding me, Danny? Really?

3. "The House Meets The Mouse"

What makes it great: Any episode where Michelle is a horrible, mean child (AKA every episode) is a favorite in my book.

Binge-worthy moment: When DJ started tripping acid or something and thought Indiana Jones was actually Steve. Uh, you okay, Deej?

4. "I'm Not DJ"

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What makes it great: Stephanie wanting to pierce her ears because DJ has them is straight up the realest thing ever.

Binge-worthy moment: When Kimmy volunteers as tribute and pierces Stephanie's poor earlobes. That sounds like a great idea, right? Not like you'd go to the hospital or anything!

5. "The Test"

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What makes it great: DJ losing her ever-loving sh*t over the SATs.

Binge-worthy moment: When Uncle Jesse stops by and gives DJ a breakfast burrito with a walkie-talkie in it.

6. "The Wedding" (Parts 1 and 2)

What makes it great: Uncle Jesse swooning for Aunt Becky made my lady balls drop.

Binge-worthy moment: That jail kiss was everything. It also might've made me pregnant.

7. "Prom Night"

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What makes it great: If you didn't want to go into a resounding chorus of "Sunrise, Sunset" when DJ walked down the staircase in her prom dress, you were a heartless witch.

Binge-worthy moment: When Vicky told Danny she was actually older than him and he got all butt hurt about it. Should've changed your Tinder discovery preferences, Danny.

8. "Shape Up"

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What makes it great: Everyone remembers when DJ fell on that treadmill after a crash diet for a pool party. Should've tried juicing, Deej. Or, a waist trainer.

Binge-worthy moment: The amount of leg warmers in this episode is next-level great.

9. "Fast Friends"


What makes it great: Gia was that girl my mom told me to never hang out with (but she was secretly way too cool for me anyway). Smoking in a bathroom, though? Didn't they have fire alarms back then?

Binge-worthy moment: Michelle giving the twins the same cookies as she gives Comet, which sounds like the recipe for either a dead dog or two toddler stomachaches.

10. "Too Much Monkey Business"

What makes it great: Apparently, Danny has a sister, Wendy, who has a pet chimp. I mean, goals, right?

Binge-worthy moment: That chimp lived out all our dreams with her John Stamos spank session.