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You Got It, Dude: 11 'Full House' Catchphrases That Never Get Old

"Everywhere you look, everywhere you go..." there is a catchphrase to hold on to.

If you don't hear the "Full House" theme song in your head right now after that reference, there is clearly something wrong with you.

"Full House" has been a huge part of all of our lives since the late '80s when it first premiered.

Regardless of your age, we all know the characters of "Full House" and have skipped school on multiple occasions just to watch reruns.

It was the perfect story of an extended family all living under one roof.

We all wanted to be part of "Full House" at some point in our lives.

As we patiently anticipate the new spinoff series on Netflix, "Fuller House," set to premier Friday, February 26, let's take time to acknowledge some famous catchphrases we still say everywhere we go.

1. "Oh, Mylanta!"

Let's face it: Whenever we see a cute boy walk by, we still pull a DJ Tanner and say this.

It has a similar meaning to "Oh my gosh," just with way more excitement.

2. "Oh please."

We've all let out an "Oh please" when we can tell someone is lying right to our faces.

Baby Michelle always knew when someone was lying, and her sassy little self never had an issue calling people out on their lies.

3. "Not the hair! Watch the hair!"

We all have a little Uncle Jesse in us.

No one wants his or her hair touched on a good hair day.

The struggle is so real when your curls are on point, and someone decides to run their fingers through your hair.

Can you not?

4. "You're in big trouble, mister."

When your roomie sleeps through her alarm and misses her 8 am class, you might throw this phrase at her.

Or, you might do so when she gets really drunk on a Saturday night and does something really stupid.

We love unleashing our sassy inner Michelle.

Plus, seeing people get into trouble sometimes can be entertaining.

5. "Duh."

Again, we have another sassy Michelle moment.

How many times a day do you hear someone ask a stupid question, or just say something stupid, and you give him or her the "Duh."

It basically means, "You're stupid," in nicer, simpler terms.

6. "No way, Jose."

This one is for the days when you're feeling like a diva, similar to Michelle's everyday personality.

Instead of just saying "No," say, "No way, Jose."

It's so much more dramatic!

7. "How rude!"

I am so guilty for throwing this phrase around every day like it's my job.

Honestly, people can be so rude, and sometimes, you have to tell it like it is just like Stephanie does.

You have to call a kid out sometimes.

8. "Have mercy!"

Uncle Jesse popped this phrase literally at any given moment, and it is perfect.

Whenever you feel stressed, feel happy, see a hottie, see your life falling apart in front of your eyes or just don't know what to say, "Have mercy'" is your go-to phrase.

9. "Cut it out."

Joey always had us laughing, and his "Cut it out" jokes were the best.

We tend to use this phrase more now when someone is getting on our nerves, and we just want him or her to leave us alone.

But, it could be used in a funny sense too.

10. "Aw nuts."

This is another Michelle saying that always made us laugh.

Sometimes, when you just don't know what to say, "Aw nuts" will do the trick.

11. "You got it, dude!"

We say it to our friends, our family and literally anyone with whom we feel close.

Michelle was the cutest thing when she said this, which made it the number one "Full House" catchphrase of all time.