'Ladies Is Pimps, Too': Financially Independent Women Are Less Harshly Judged For Their Promiscuity

A new study further confirms that the "slut" delineation is more about socioeconomic status than actual promiscuity.

According to work by psychologists at London's Brunei University, their research revealed that wealthier women can still keep their reputations intact even if they have numerous or random sexual partners.

Using data from over 5,000 adult women living in the United States, the team concluded that people disapprove of women's roles in casual sexual relationships more when they're lower-earners or depend on their partners to financially support them.

When women are perceived as being financially independent, they are judged less harshly for their promiscuity.

The researchers dug up some additional interesting data on what areas of our country are most likely to be more accepting of perceived promiscuity.

Attitudes about female sexual relations were most lax in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois and Wisconsin, where an increased number of women were found to be financially independent.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, southern states such as Alabama, Utah, New Mexico and Texas more harshly criticized women when they slept around.

via International Business Times, Photo Courtesy: Fanpop