26 Things That Happen When Your BFF Lives In A Different Time Zone

by Ashley Fern

Having a long-distance best friend is perhaps one of the hardest things you will experience in your 20s. Long gone are the days when you could lounge side-by-side, discussing absolutely nothing and absolutely everything. Now your relationship spans states -- or even continents.

You both know each other's schedules down to the wire since talking 24/7 isn't really an option anymore.

You feel no shame sending her seven-scroll text messages in the middle of the night because she needs to know everything that happened while she was sleeping and vice versa.

Having a best friend who lives in another time zone will probably be the most difficult relationship you experience but the alternative is much worse. So what is it like for best friends who live in different time zones?

1. You tease her with spoilers of your favorite shows

It's always the one who's behind the time who suffers from this problem. You may find this hilarious, but she definitely doesn't.

2. One of you is always more productive at work

The window in which one of you is not on Gchat allows for the other to be completely undistracted and absolutely productive. This is quite short-lived because once your friend logs on, all bets are off.

3. You never actually know what the time difference is

You either spend your time counting the hour difference on your fingers or just ignore the actual number and guess.

4. It doesn't matter whose turn it is to visit, it's whoever can afford it first

If you always played it by whose turn it was, you'd never see each other. One person's schedule typically allows for more travel, as well as her budget.

5. Facetiming always leaves one of you more tired than the other

But it really is always worth it.

6. When you are getting sh*tfaced, she's getting ready to go out

The time difference is really never more apparent than when it comes time for the weekend.

7. There is always a time lag when celebrating something exciting

You just got the best news ever! Too bad your best friend can't respond immediately.

8. You call her 100 times when you're blacked out, completely disregarding the time difference

Your sleeping, sober friend tells you this time and time again, but sadly you never learn your lesson.

9. Everything is basically delayed

She's sleeping. She's working. She's at the gym. Every conversation is slightly delayed since your schedules are so off from one another.

10. She knows your boyfriend just as well as you do, even if they've never met

She gets a play-by-play of absolutely everything that is happening in your life.

11. You tag her in every single Instagram post you see

Every little thing you see reminds you of her; at least, when it comes to Instagram, you can share in your discoveries.

12. When you're freaking out, your friend can't help you for hours, and when she finally can, it's already over.

Well, I guess this teaches you to be more self-sufficient... which is a good thing?

13. It has taken months to perfect, but you've finally managed to create a realistic communication schedule

Too bad you never adhere to it and text her whenever you feel like it and vice versa.

14. You sleep with your phone under your pillow in case there's an emergency

And, of course, she does the same.

15. Every moment of downtime you have is spent searching for the cheapest flights possible

SkyScanner is your new BFF.

16. Your family actually feels sorry for you and helps you pay for your flight

Holiday gifts? A flight. Birthday gift? A flight.

17. You could be a tour guide in her city

You spend so much time in each other's respective cities, you know more about them than actual residents do.

18. Her good morning texts make you happier than a boyfriend's ever could

Is this something you should be concerned about? Oh well, everyone already thinks you're dating anyway.

19. Once you book a trip, you spend every moment counting down the days

What else are you going to spend your time doing besides counting down planning what you are going to pack!

20. You are never more excited than when you have a trip planned

It's a nice change from the two of you being sullen over the fact you haven't seen each other in 63 days. Yes, you know the exact amount of time it's been.

21. ...And never so sad as when your trip is finally over

Which just gives you an excuse to book another trip.

22. You plan exactly what your futures are going to look like

Retired and living on the beach with neighboring houses. I guess maybe a husband could come into play... or nah.

23. Neither of you really feels the need to make new friends because no one could ever compare

Speaking to other people just irritates you and makes you miss each other that much more.

24. When you visit each other, you don't even need to go out to have a good time

Staying in, lying in bed, watching your favorite shows and ordering insane amounts of delivery are enough for you.

25. When you reunite, you stare at each other for hours, complimenting every single thing you've missed about one another

Because clearly no one else either of you has met can even compare.

26. You always reminisce about how the two of you became friends

This is a staple of your visits together. It's always fun to discuss what brought you to this point in your lives.