39 Crazy Thoughts That Go Through A Girl's Head When She's Ready 35 Minutes Early

There is no dancing around the subject -- getting ready is a bitch. If it's a hair-washing night, we spend hours doing our hair, we spend upwards of 20 minutes applying our makeup and another hour or so rummaging through our closets.

We hate showering, we hate every item of clothing we own and we hate the fact we have to leave the comfort of our bedrooms. Wait, why are we going out again? Oh right, because that's what we're supposed to do.

So after surviving yet another excruciating work week, we plan our post-work routines accordingly with the time at which we are supposed to depart. Gym, check. Shower, check.

You accounted for every minute, but for some reason, your Jewfro decided it was going to behave, and your getting-ready time was miraculously cut in half.

So now that you are ready sufficiently early for an activity you probably didn't want to attend in the first place, you are stuck because you don't really have time to do anything... except for too many things you shouldn't be doing.

These are all the absurd and ridiculous thoughts that go through a girl's mind when she is ready too early:

1. Should I do my eye makeup over?

2. My right wing looks a little higher than the left.

3. And a little thicker.

4. Should I just try to add a little more to the left?

5. I know it's never a good idea, but I have so much time.

6. Okay, I'm going to achieve the impossible.

7. Motherf*cker.

8. Lesson learned.

9. Ugh.

10. F*ck me, now I have to re-do the entire eye.

11. OK, finally back to how I looked six minutes ago.

12. Do I really like this outfit?

13. It could definitely be better.

14. A little more cleavage perhaps?

15. Hmm, is this too much?

16. No, it's never too much.

17. Damn it, I hate this too.

18. Should I just put on what I was originally wearing?

19. Or should I save it for tomorrow night?

20. Why is life so hard?

21. OK, I'll put that back on and deal with this sh*tstorm tomorrow.

22. I don't understand how I just went shopping and have nothing I like.

23. I can't be the only one who feels like this.

24. Did I shave my legs?

25. I wonder who's going to be at the pre game?

26. Ugh, I hope she isn't there.

27. Now I definitely have to look my best.

28. Do I wear heels?

29. I could get away with wearing flats, though.

30. I can't be the only one not wearing heels.

31. Being a girl sucks.

32. Guys take 15 minutes to get ready?! This is bullish*t!

33. Should I have a shot before I go?

34. Maybe just one glass of wine.

35. *Gets text finding out ex will be there* OK, three shots will have to suffice.

36. I can't show up alone...*texts four friends*

37. OK, I got this.

38. I'm going to own this night.

39. Nothing can stop me.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr