5 Genius, Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

by Brit + Co

Halloween is one of the best times of the year, but if you are a twin, it must be even better. It's a whole holiday where you get to dress up and really confuse people about who is who.

For this shoot we brought in our former intern and current beauty writer Beth Wischnia's twin sister Abby. We had so much fun dressing them up as our favorite Hollywood twins. As soon as we got them into the costumes with wigs, I immediately forgot who was who. Beth, Abby — Abby, Beth? I'm sure they're used to it by now. Thanks gals!

Parent Trap Twins Halloween Costumes

"I have class and you don't." — Annie

Okay, real talk. How many of you thought that maybe (for some odd reason) you also had a twin in Europe that your parents failed to tell you about? I dreamed of getting together with my twin, eating Oreos, cutting each other's hair and piercing each other's ears. We love this duo (of Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan), so of course we had to make it into a twin costume!

(Photo via The Parent Trap)

To achieve the fencing uniform, purchase a white sweatshirt, white sweatpants and tall white socks. Don't fear, creating the quilted vest is extremely easy. Purchase some white and green quilted fabric and follow this vest tutorial --- just skip the step where you cut the vest down the middle to create two panels.

Hair is pretty important when it comes to this scene. Hallie has long hair and Annie has short hair. This was perfect for Beth and Abby, however there are plenty of wigs out there, or you can follow our faux bob tutorials to get this look.

Don't forget your fencing gear! We borrowed the helmets from our friends over at Golden Gate Fencing Center and purchased fake fencing swords from Amazon.

The Shining Twins Halloween Costume

"Come and play with us. Come and play with us, Danny. Forever... and ever... and ever." — Grady's Daughters 

So I'm pretty sure I would NEVER want to play with these twins. If you are looking for a film to achieve the ultimate series of nightmares, this one is for you.

(Photo via The Shining)

This costume is pretty easy to achieve and is the perfect one for all of you procrastinating twins out there. We bought everything from Amazon Prime! Snag a chambray ruffled dress, black Mary Janes and tall white socks. Don't forget the key accessories — a pink ribbon belt and a white hair clip.

Chambray Dress, $22, AmazonMary Janes, $11, AmazonWhite Socks, $9, Amazon

How to Do the Shining Twins' Hair: Place a heavy side part and pin your bangs back on the heavier side. Let the rest of your hair be disheveled and unkempt.

How to Do the Shining Twins' Makeup: Go with a pale colorless face and defined eyebrows and use a berry-toned blush with a blush brush to stipple on the reddish sickly eyes.

Note to director Stanley Kubrick — do not cast these girls for The Shining sequel. They were full of giggles and couldn't stay scary for long.

Young Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Halloween Costumes

"You got it, dude." — Michelle Tanner

If these two little girls didn't steal your hearts in the '90s and grow up to be your tween idols, then you did childhood all wrong. I, of course, thought my family vacation should also be to Australia or Paris and turn into amazing shopping trips while being surrounded by cute boys who would do anything for me. I can still remember printing out a photo of Mary Kate's hair and bringing it to the salon, saying, "Make me look like this."

(Photo via ABC)

Ladies! Time to break out those shorteralls. Get some flower patches and pom-pom trim to bring these jeans back to the '90s. Style with a pink Hanes tee and some frilly socks with white tennis shoes.

Let's not forget about the wigs! We purchased a long blonde wig with bangs from Amazon and our Beauty Editor Misty trimmed it to get that blonde bob vibe.

Blonde Wig, $9, Amazon 

This needs to be Beth and Abby's family holiday card for 2015.

Adult Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Halloween Costumes

"We like to work hard, and we like to try to do everything 100 percent." — Mary Kate via Women's Wear Daily in 2013

Our little tween idols grew up and turned into fashionistas. Famous for their baggy black clothes and work ethic, these #girlbosses will always be our favorite set of twins.

(Photo via Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

No offense, Olsens, but for these outfits we headed out to the local thrift store to purchase every black baggy thing we could. The key to their style is to layer textures. Don't forget about their hack for taking the perfect photo: prune.

See what happens when they don't say prune?

How to Do Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Hair: This is the curly-haired wig we used for Ashley. To style this look, carefully select pieces from the sides to pull up into a half-up twisted top knot. For Mary Kate we used this straight hair wig, which was actually more blonde in person than it appeared to be when ordering. To darken it a bit, we used dark eyeshadow on the roots and brought it down slightly into the rest of the hair and into the braids. If you are not up to the additional steps, go for a more dirty blonde wig instead.

How to Do Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Makeup: 

Face: This is one of the more funny makeup looks that I did. It was really a bad makeup job coming from a makeup artist, but that's the thing — their makeup always looks awful! The trick here is to overdo the bronzer with an ash-toned brown in the hollows of your cheeks, and contrary to the norm, don't blend it in well.

Eyes: Starting with the most obvious, get bushy brows by filling them in with a shadow and brushing the shadow in the same direction as your hair grows. Use the same bronzer color as your shadow in the creases of your eyes and along your lower lash line.

Lips: Use a matte finish in a deep brick mauve tone. The trick is to make your lips look dry and cracked. How on earth are these girls not done up better?!! Where is their glam squad? Sorry MK + Ashley, it is too weird. 

Good and Bad Sandy from Grease Halloween Costumes

"Tell me about it, stud." — Sandy

Now these two aren't twins, but we had to try it out. This good-girl-gone-bad transformation is one of our favorite movie scenes of all time. Grab your twin and fight over who gets to be good and who gets to be bad.

(Photo via Grease)

Sisters, check your closets for a few of these pieces before heading out to go shopping. For bad Sandy we created an outfit of black leather leggings and a sultry off-the-shoulder black top. Finish it off with key accessories: a black belt, high-heeled shoes and a cigarette. Good Sandy's outfit is a bit different. Stick to off-white and yellow hues when picking out a cardigan, button-down blouse and skirt that covers the knee.

Sandy! Such a bad influence!

How to Do Good and Bad Sandy's Hair: For bad Sandy and her wild curly mane, we used this curly-haired wig and pinned it up into place with bobby pins. Then we back combed the curls to create more volume. The colors in this wig are more true to the film than the "Sandy" wig you often see for sale in costume shops. For good Sandy and her innocent half-up/half-down look, we used this banged wig and styled it by hacking off the bangs and trimming it into a bob. Pull half up into a ponytail and boom! The perfect replica!

Blonde Wig with Bangs, $9, Amazon 

How to Do Makeup for Bad Sandy: You want to go big with this look. Apply a flawless face of foundation and concealer, going heavier on the bronzer and a peachy pink blush. Define your eyebrows and make sure to rock the true red lip.

How to Do Makeup for Good Sandy: Keep it simple and natural. We ended up leaving her eyes bare and just applied a light amount of foundation, bronzer and a soft pink blush paired with a pale pink lip gloss to get this innocent vibe.

Bad girls can't be tamed.

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden Hair and Makeup: Misty Spinney Photography: Chris Andre