This Vacuum Company Just Launched A Hair Dryer That's Pretty Much Silent

Drying thick hair is an ordeal so taxing it's practically the plot of a lesser "Game of Thrones" episode. Although I've already invested in a high-end dryer, it runs at a temperature that's roughly equal to the surface of the sun. As I dry my roots, sweat beads up and runs down my back. All the while, I'm shrieking questions at my roommate in a friendly attempt to learn how her day went.

The sweaty, exhausting process is part of what led to me giving up heat styling, frankly. But, as of this morning, there's a revolutionary new drying tool on the market: the Dyson Supersonic. The same brand that makes the vacuum your mom raves about after two glasses of wine will soon be responsible for your blowout, too.

Dyson Supersonic, $400, Dyson

The $400 Dyson Supersonic, launched in Tokyo, is ultralight. Although the pricetag is hefty, it's comparable to luxury blowdryers like T3's Featherweight Luxe 2I and Harry Josh's cult-favorite Pro Dryer 2000.

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer, $161, Amazon; Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000, $250, Dermstore 

The dryer features a revolutionary 13-blade motor (most tools have a mere 11), Ars Technica reports.  Because the Supersonic's motor is surrounded by silencers, the tool is reportedly far quieter than any existing product on the market. It'll come with three magnetic attachments for smoothing, diffusing and styling.

Besides the actual technology, there's no denying the Supersonic is -- for lack of a better word -- sexy. It looks like a space-age alien sex toy, which is exactly how I like my luxury hair care to look. Dyson seems to have its eye on the cool-girl customer, tapping Kardashian hair stylist and Ouai founder Jen Atkin to promote the product.

Can't live without this dryer? It'll land on shelves in September 2016, but your best bet is reserving online in advance.

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