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This Video Hilariously Explains Why You Should Never Drink Before A Date

I feel like this pretty basic and obvious, but drinking before a date is only going to lead to bad news.

I know we all want something to take the edge off. And trust me, I spaz harder than anyone I know, but experience taught me drinking before a date is never the answer.

Here's the best-case scenario: You'll have a drink, calm those nerves and manage to come off as your "best self." Right? Ideally, it's the exact same scenario that would happen if you just pushed through the nerves, soberly.

The worst-case scenario includes possible side effects such as barfing, blacking out, public humiliation, oversharing, repeating yourself, embarrassment, unreasonable anger, possible nudity, tears or never leaving your house.

I'm no mathematician, but I'd say the risks outweigh the rewards in this situation. And if you've ever blacked out on a date, I'm guessing you'll agree with me.

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