Lifestyle — Why You Should Never Google Someone Before A First Date (Video)
by Rory Uphold

Who hasn't Googled someone he or she is dating or potentially about to date?

I mean, I have. We all do it, right?

We shouldn't. We really need to stop.

It sucks when you discover information about people you so desperately want to talk about, and it sucks when they do it to you.

For example, I was recently on a date with a guy who openly admitted I was easy to find on the Internet.

He said,

Your name is Rory, not too many blonde Rorys... You were pretty easy to find.

What?! I could feel myself retracting, but I tried to be chill.

He went on to tell me just how easy it was to find me -- as if this wasn't a creepy thing to do.

But then again, I've done it to plenty of people, too. Strangers I've never met. Random guys I'd seen tagged in friends' Instagrams. The general social media stalk that happens when I'm bored, drunk or waiting to fall asleep at night.

As my mind retraced every bad photo and stupid tweet I'd ever posted, it hit me: I hate being cyber creeped.

I hate being pre-judged, pre-liked or pre-anything.

Sometimes, it's nice to have a clean slate. To walk into a situation with zero expectations.

So, I'm giving up on cyber creeping… At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

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