17 Disney Princess-Inspired 'Dos That Look Even Better Than Mermaid Hair

Disney animated movies leave entire generations of children with unrealistic expectations about men, dresses and talking animals.

The most egregious sin, however, is the way animators depict the princess' hair.

Belle, Ariel and Aurora all combed waist-length strands that never tangled or fell flat. Watching as little girls, we could only dream of one day achieving Princess Jasmine levels of shine.

Pocahontas, with her sleek turquoise highlights, induced envy in every overstimulated 90s child raised on Lisa Frank illustrations.

Disney might have sparked a wave of interest in #MermaidHair with its latest tribute to Princess Ariel, but so many princess 'dos look even better.

It's the year of the lob, so #SnowWhiteHair feels totally appropriate.

Short hair does wonders for emphasizing bone structure.

Princess Jasmine's multi-band style is perfect for a sweaty workout.

Anyone with length can try out #JasmineHair.

For a #RapunzelBraid, you'll probably need an extra set of hands.

But, the finished look is a classic.

Emulating Princess Belle is easy, particularly for weddings.

#BelleHair involves soft curls and romantic embellishments.

A recent favorite is the #ElsaBraid, named after the icy queen from “Frozen.”

We'll never let these braids go (sorry).

Want to bring a little class to your Disney look?

Nothing says wannabe royalty like a #CinderellaBun.

#MeridaHair is one for the curly girls.

Redheads need love, too.

Long hair, don't care?

More like #PocahontasHair.