Check Out This New App 'Wishi' That Solves The Classic 'Nothing To Wear' Problem


No matter how many times we go shopping, it still seems like we have nothing to wear. I look at my closet every morning and I’m like f*ck, where do I start? The problem is that we have too many options and not enough of a sense of style. This brand new app, Wishi, solves that problem.

The app is a social media outlet for your closet. It allows you to view items in others' closets, to style outfits for them, and vice versa. Users can connect with the application using Facebook or their iPhone.

To create your ‘social dressing room,’ simply snap pictures of any articles of clothing you wish and then upload them to your ‘closet’ with the touch of a button. Wishi will erase the background of the picture for you, leaving only the shape of the item.

Next time you feel like you have nothing to wear, it’s most likely because you don’t know how to put an outfit together, not because you need to go blow half of your last paycheck at Urban Outfitters. Now that there’s even social media for your closet, you can save money while a rando, trendy stranger dresses you! That’s what I call a win-win.