Pube Oil Exists And It Will Help You Get The Soft Bush You've Never Wanted

If you're the kind of lady who prefers bush to bare, maintenance is key. There's nothing wrong with a little (or a lot!) of hair down there, but it's crucial to keep that sh*t in order.

Soap and water will, of course, do the trick, but if you'd prefer to give your hair a little extra care, there's a product for that, too: Bush Oil.

Created by the National Spa Factory, Bush Oil is formulated specifically to condition coarse, wiry pubic hair.

It features a blend of fatty acids and essential oils and is guaranteed to leave your lady parts “smoother, shinier and healthier” than ever before. The unique formula also includes medicinal ingredients, such as frankincense oil, which can help reduce the risk of infection from ingrown hairs or superficial cuts (i.e. from shaving).

The inspiration for Bush Oil, according to Natural Spa Factory Co-Founder Emma Webber, was beard oil. She explains,

We're big believers of the natural approach, but natural doesn't have to mean un-groomed. Men have beard oil to condition their facial hair, now it's time to introduce a product suited for being kind to your womanly attributes.

Yeah, feminism!

You can buy Bush Oil for $40 (and if you want a pube-specific “shampoo” to use before the conditioning treatment, try Fur Oil, an oil-based cleanser for that beautiful bush).

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