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Bumble's New Election Profile Filters Let You Argue Politics With Dates

Have you ever wondered why more strangers, family members and friends with whom you have a tenuous relationship don't ask you about your political beliefs?

While live-tweeting Donald Trump's latest political snafu (or, let's face it, wild success), do you think, “Man, I wish someone would ask my opinion on all this?"

Has your half-formed, social media-influenced brain shaped your chances of finding a life partner?

Bumble has an answer for you: election filters. The dating app where women speak first to men they might like, is rolling out its first pack of profile photo “filters” today. If the idea seems a little too familiar, it's because Snapchat already rules the filtered photo landscape.

Given the presidential lineup, you can't just sneak a “make America great again” into the last sentence of your bio and be caught off guard when your match dumps you after discovering where your Oompa-Loompa allegiances lie. Instead, make your thoughts known by picking a filter with a cartoon illustration of Trump's livid, fat face.

Better yet, the filters will also encompass your particular dedication to fictional presidents and rappers whose political platforms are mostly described as “I am a god."

Here's looking at you, Yeezy.


The election filter pack is one of several Bumble plans to gradually roll out.


The company believes politically-aligned profile photos will enable them to collect valuable data about how Millennials of different parties and ideologies date and make friends.


Or, alternatively, you could just be that d*ck with the "Feel The Bern" photos.


Dating is so complicated, man.