Get (Upper) Cut: How Not To Die During Your First Boxing Class

Fashion's new "It" girls like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner don't just influence our lingerie choices, Instagram filters and pricey seasonal style. They're now poster children for intense, body-sculpting boxing.

Thanks to these svelte supermodels' runway-ready workout secret, more women are sidestepping spin classes for bag-punching cardio.

Although this fitness trend is quickly gaining popularity, boxing newbies may be too intimidated to channel Laila Ali right off the bat.

And it's true, earning those razor sharp abs models flaunt under Dolce & Gabbana dresses is not for the faint of heart. To find out if I could take the heat in the ring, I braved a 90-minute session at New York City's TITLE Boxing club.

The night before my class, I rummaged Google for rookie boxing tips, but nothing could curb my anxiety. Even after stepping onto the mat, outfitted in sweat-ready gear, I was certain my jitters would render me KO'd before my first punch.

But like any HIIT workout, the end result is much more rewarding than quitting around the halfway mark.

First rule of kickass sports training? Don't go crying in the corner. Here are a few ways you can float like Adriana Lima and sting like Gigi Hadid during your first boxing class.

Bring water and drink it constantly.

Don't wait until your head hits the mat to realize you didn't drink enough water. Each 90-minute class at TITLE Boxing torches roughly 1000 calories, so skipping H2O will result in hangover levels of dehydration. Be sure to sip water throughout the workout.

To really get the full Gigi-effect, fill your fancy S'well bottle with cucumber-infused water for a boost of energy.

Chowing down on carbs, lean protein or heart-healthy fats pre-workout is equally as important as staying hydrated.

Ignore everyone else in the room.

Completely lose yourself in this high-intensity workout. From your warm up to your first left jab, focus on learning pro-level techniques while you sharpen your muscles like a Rocky session with Mickey Goldmill.

Trying to keep up with the chick who attends boxing classes religiously will only cheapen your cardio achievements from the outset and discourage you from returning. Go at your own pace and rid your mind of distractions.

Turn the punching bag into your enemy.

A few forceful uppercuts during boxing is better than a week's work of therapy sessions. Instead of blowing up at your annoying, gum-chewing co-worker, channel your anger into the punching bag. Watch how easy it will be to land every blow when your ex's face is the point of contact.

 Take a sweaty, unglamorous and badass selfie.

An obligatory gym selfie is a lot more helpful than obnoxious. Showing off your hard work can keep your motivation high and help you hit your fitness goals. It's a visual way of keeping track of your progress.

Don't shy away from snapping a flick for Instagram. Instead, let your friends know how #blessed your arms are post-boxing class.