'Boob Masks' Are The Latest Trend Beauty Bloggers Are Obsessing Over

If there's one thing ladies can't seem to get enough of these days, it's sheet masks.

Thanks to this Korean beauty trend, there are basically a million different varieties of sheet masks that promise to fix problems you never even knew you could have in the first place.

Is your skin looking a little dull these days? Don't worry, there's a horse fat mask to fix that.

Searching for something to revitalize your tired complexion? Just slap on a placenta sheet mask.

Looking for an easy way to scare the shit out of your roommates? There's a terrifying Winnie The Pooh facial mask for that.

Need something that will perk up your lovely lady lumps on the double? Don't worry, there's a sheet mask for that now, too.

Boob sheet masks are the latest (not to mention slightly ridiculous) K-beauty trend that's sweeping over the bosoms of beauty bloggers everywhere.

If you're wondering what in the name of sweet tits a boob sheet mask is, let me fill you in.

These things are just like those soaked sheets of fabric you would normally put on your face...

...except these babies come in pairs of two, and a lot of them have some Regina George-approved nipple cutouts.


Now, before you start digging around your bathroom drawers for an extra face mask, there's something you should know before jumping on the boob mask bandwagon.

me : wtf is a boob sheet masks? its ridiculous, disgusting and weird. also, me : WHERE CAN I GET THIS SHIT. SOUNDS RAD. TREAT YO SELF. — (@aqmaraziz) September 28, 2016

Apparently, these boob mask-obsessed women aren't just slapping any old sheet mask onto their almighty melons.

@HibaIssa Yup. Boob masks are a thing, apparently. Heart shaped for max impact. — Chelsea (@BiasCutTweed) May 29, 2016

It turns out, a bunch of beauty brands are actually making special sheet masks that are designed with all of your boob troubles in mind.

So far, we've seen lace masks that promise to give your lumps a lift...

Breast-enhancing masks that claim to perk up your precious twins...

...and firming masks that will apparently do wonders for your cleavage.

If your boobs are feeling extra bougie, have no fear... can embrace your inner Marie Antoinette by slapping a few 24-karat gold sheet masks on your fancy AF tits.

it's called the "24k Gold Collagen Breast Mask" and I just can't — Emily N (@whylemon) September 1, 2016

Seriously, is nothing sacred anymore?

It's only a matter of time before we start masking our entire bodies.

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