6 Piercing And Tattoo Ideas For Women Who Pride Themselves On Being Unique


Changing up your look is like a summer tradition.

Some of us take new seasons to explore our favorite celebrity hairstyles that inspire new cuts, colors, and luxurious extensions. When we aren't focusing on our hair, we're updating our summer wardrobes.

But, body modifications are arguably the most exciting ways to celebrate the summer with style.

Of course, they might mean you have to avoid the pool for a bit while your tattoos and piercings heal, but that does nothing to take away the awesomeness of getting new body art.

The only concerns about a new piercing or new ink? Where to freaking get it, of course!

Consider that covered... literally.

Here are a few body modification ideas for the ladies who pride themselves on taking it to the next level with something unique.

1. Armpit Tattoos

That's right. Armpits are hot spots for tattoos. Gorgeous, flowery, and colorful ones, at that!

Though the underarm is quite sensitive, consider the pain worth it for this low-key, uniquely-placed body art.

My only tip? Go ahead and invest in clear deodorant so you can keep it fresh and show off that tat.

2. Constellation Piercings

People have pretty much taken the ear and pierced it in every single place imaginable, so the constellation piercing isn't innovative when it comes to where it's placed on the body.

What makes it super cool, though, is how all of the ear piercings are placed, which is usually in symmetrical, zig-zag-type angles.

You have your constellation piercings done in sets of three, or play with different types of earrings, like alternating hoops and studs.

The constellation piercings are super cute, yet really simple. You just have to be prepared to nurse more than one piercing at the same time.

3. Hip Tattoos

Take a page from Rihanna and Kylie Jenner's book and get a tattoo in a semi-hidden place. This is the perfect tat for showing off at the pool, but one you can hide at work if you have to.

4. Daith Piercings

The daith is another ear piercing, but it is placed further into the ear, just above where the tragus piercing is. It's not only a pretty body modification, but is also rumored to relieve chronic migraines.

Dr. Thomas Cohn, who specializes in pain relief, wrote in a 2015 blog,

... The location of the piercing has actually been targeted by acupuncturists to help cure headaches.

A daith piercing, however, is not a replacement for actual medical treatment, so you should still seek a out a professional for migraines if you have them.

5. Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos look perfect to the eye, thanks to sharp angles and symmetry.

Go big with a ambiguous design like the interlocked prisms, or bring sharp lines to something soft, like the colorful heart.

6. 3D Tattoos

The realistic look of the 3D tattoos require true commitment and a great tattoo artist.

If you really want to make your mark this summer, then go for an entire 3D sleeve. Or, get extra creative, and select a 3D tattoo to go on your armpit.

This is how you seal the summer with style. Happy piercing and tatting!