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A Stylist Reveals How To Dress For Every Summer Event

Summer has officially arrived. And in addition to sun-soaked days, pink wine and artisan popsicles, it's bringing with it a landslide of social engagements.

And to put it simply, we can't wait.

From parties on the roof to picnics in the park, we plan on saying yes to everything this summer.

And while we wouldn't dream of complaining about a social calendar that's bursting at the seams, all these goings-on DO present a bit of a challenge when it comes to our outfits.

It's time to face the music: While our summer schedules are overflowing with options, we can't say the same for our closets.

That's why we sat down with Nordstrom stylist-extraordinaire, Destiny V. Flores, for some real talk about how to dress for every occasion this summer.

Here's how to look chic, comfortable and appropriate for every event in your planner this summer.

1. A friend's wedding

We all know the standard don't-you-dare-wear-white-to-a-wedding-unless-you're-the-bride rule. But the real question is: What should you wear?

Destiny's rule of thumb is “always be aware of the venue and time of day — then dress accordingly,” whether that means a flowy blush dress for a beach wedding or a clingy off-the-shoulder number for a downtown venue.


2. Your fave music festival

Music festivals are all about expressing your creativity, so don't be afraid to go bold this summer. For a polished boho look, Destiny suggests choosing one “festival-inspired item and keep[ing] the rest simple. Less is ALWAYS more.”

So go ahead and rock that crochet crop top and fringed suede skirt, just please — please! — not all at once.


 3. Happy hour with your work BFF

Some workdays (read: all workdays) are just easier to get through when you know cocktails and girl talk are waiting for you come five o'clock.

Avoid wearing your stuffy office look out on the town by going for a blouse with a twist. "There are some great options in tops with all the new necklines and sleeve details," Destiny says. "Wear it with a blazer from 9-5, and then without once happy hour rolls around. Adding a pop of color on the lip or a quick bold eye doesn't hurt, either."

Don't forget the final step: Order yourself that cocktail, girl.


4. A day at the beach

We love beach days, but we LIVE for beach day fashion. And this summer, there's a simple fashion rule to follow, Destiny says.

"Make the suit part of your outfit and just add an embellished or washed-out denim skirt with a colorful sport slide," she explains. "One pieces seem to be picking up momentum with several styles to choose from and they work well as part of the outfit. A great hat or color lens sunglasses are definite beach necessities as well."

When all is said and done, you'll have a look that's truly Riviera-chic.


5. Sunday brunch

Weekend brunch style is all about comfy-chic. And yes, it IS possible to dress lazy and still look bomb.

For brunch, Destiny loves “an easy midi dress in a bold stripe or pattern with a '90s-inspired sneaker" — aka our summer uniform from here on out.


6. A summer work party

Striking a balance between work-appropriate and fashion forward is basically our life's greatest mission. This proves particularly challenging when it comes to parties that are both work-sponsored AND after hours.

For work events like this, Destiny has you covered. Go for "a lightweight cold shoulder dress in a floral print with a velvet slide. Velvet, velvet, velvet — I'm a bit obsessed with all the great, easy shoe options for summer!”

This way, you can embrace what's hot right now without showing off too much skin.


7. Running errands around town

Having a mile-long to-do list DOESN'T mean you have to dress like a slob. But it does give you the perfect opportunity to embrace the athleisure trend that's taking the fashion world by storm.

Destiny's advice is to pair some good quality leggings (make sure they pass the see-through test) with a screen-print tee and an oversized denim jacket. "My personal preference would be a screen print with a 'girl power' message," she says. "You can wear it with anything, dressed up or casual, and spread positivity at the same time." Pair it with mirrored sunglasses, and you'll be good to go.

You'll be comfy enough to power through your task list and — most important — you'll look good doing it.