14 Instagram-Worthy Hairstyles You Can Rock With Extensions


Let's be real here: Long, luscious locks are downright sexy and empowering.

With a long mane comes ENDLESS possibilities.

But getting to that desirable point when our hair grows into that beautiful, long mane can be such a struggle. It's frustrating, tedious and downright exhausting AF.

Why won't it just grow, dammit?

No matter how many freakin' biotin pills we pop, our hair length never seems to budge.

And that “in between” phase? It's totally cramping our spring fever vibes.

You know the stage I'm talking about: It's when your hair is in between the long, luscious locks you're oh-so patiently waiting for and a trendy, shoulder-length bob.

The struggle is REAL.

But don't fret, ladies. Why not try hair extensions?

You can clip them in today, style them to utter perfection, and then take them out for your look tomorrow!

They're a gorgeous and simple solution when you're tired of your hair length.... not to mention the fact that they're seriously Instagram-worthy.

Here are 14 hairstyles to rock with extensions, to give you major inspiration for spring:

Channel your inner mermaid.

… and exude total beach goddess vibes, complete with a flower crown.

Add length to that boho chic look.

… and bring on the fullness to your spectacular curls.

Braid it UP.

… or braid it down.

Add bling to your locks.

… and go out to play in pigtails.

A style like this one will get major hearts on the 'gram.

… and this one will make an artistic statement, inspired by Kendall Jenner's iconic heart hair picture.

Alexa Mellardo

Add major dimension to your daily style.

... and why not add a hair flip to that dress spin?

Keep it all one color.

... or work an ombre.

You can purchase hair extensions in your exact shade if you want, but it's always a fun option to go with ombre!

Hair extensions can contain human hair or be synthetic.

And the best part about them? You're not married to them if you decide to go with clip-ins.

They make your overall fashion statement seem so fresh.