Badass Women On Twitter Are Taking Down The Most Universal Body Standard

by Talia Koren

These days, you can't check Facebook, Instagram or Twitter without seeing badass ladies showing shamers what they're made of. They don't give AF about anyone's beauty standards.

Well, women in Europe are reminding us about one beauty standard that Miley Cyrus famously took down. I'm talking about body hair.

Remember how she dyed and flaunted her armpit hair?

Yesterday, the hashtag #LesPrincessesOntDesPoils, which translates to "Princesses have hair," started trending on French Twitter after 16-year-old Adele Labo started the hashtag as a retaliation to body shamers everywhere, specifically the ones who bullied her at school. Labo frequently stands up against body shamers on her personal blog.

Here's the tweet that started it all:

The tweet was an inadvertent call to arms for all women who rock their body hair. They tweeted pictures of their ~stubble~ along with the hashtag to show that body hair is really no big deal.

I can totally get on board with this. I only wax and shave when I feel like I'm grossing myself out, so most of the time I'm actually pretty hairy. Even though I don't care about body hair, I'm not going to post a picture of my prickly legs on Twitter --but, at the end of the day, anyone who wants to flaunt body hair shouldn't be shamed.

Hopefully with this type of exposure, hairy limbs and underarms on women won't be so shocking. Hair is completely normal.

Here are some of the badass tweets from women all over the world:

This isn't the first time women took to social media to take a stand against ridiculous body hair double standards. Last year, glitter pits had their moment, sending a sparkling message to those who take issue with hairy underarms.

Obviously, we loved it.

Like I said before, the world needs to be OK with however you want to treat your body hair. Feel like shaving? Cool. Feel like growing it wild? Great. Do you. If men aren't expected to keep their skin hair free, women shouldn't be either. It literally makes no difference.

So put these pits in your pipe and smoke 'em.

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