'Bearded Woman' Wrote A Moving Letter To Young Self On Self-Confidence

by Eitan Levine

Harnaam Kaur's powerful letter to her younger self is an inspiring and emotional essay on how to have self-confidence through inner beauty.

The 24-year-old, plus-size model and anti-bullying advocate was born with polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition leaving her with extra facial and body hair.

This led to her to deal with depression, bullying and even suicidal thoughts.

However, she doesn't let these struggles keep her from living her own life; she embraces her inner-beauty, learns from her own experiences and is now a self-proclaimed body-confidence activist.

Harnaam's condition enabled her to build a career as a model and gain an audience to speak up to about issues pertaining to beauty standards and self-confidence.

Using smaller essays and open letters to herself as the captions on her Instagram pictures, Harnaam, who currently lives in London, gained a massive following on social media.

Harnaam's latest essay, posted to cosmetic brand Illamasqua's website as part of its #LetterToLittleMe campaign, is an open letter to her younger self about loving who you are and embracing what makes you special.

She starts the letter by introducing herself to her younger self, addressing the pain “little” her went through.

She begins,

I have not spoken to you in such a long time. It's your older self here writing you this letter. I hope you are well. I can see the struggles that you are facing; I can see it in your eyes that you feel like you don't belong. I feel it in your soul that you are struggling and you need some guidance. You quiver at the sight of people, you shudder at the touch of a stranger and you drag your lifeless body everywhere that you go.

She continues,

If only you could see your own self worth and the gems that you have embedded inside your own beautiful heart. You have a heart of gold and you will empower many one day... You need to speak louder, hold your head higher, make yourself be noticed, show people that you have a voice. You need to take strides with confidence; you need to be a bit prouder. Be proud of the beauty that you hold inside your body. Be proud of the strength that you have inside you that you will one day unleash.

Harnaam finishes the letter to herself by saying,

Be positive, know that you are able to fight against life's battles and give it all that you have got, because Little Me you are fabulous, you are strength, you are confident, you are empowered and you are beautiful. All these qualities are embedded in you. Delve deep into your soul, reach for them and embrace them wholeheartedly... I write to you this letter only to [realize] that you are now me that [has] grown up into a beautiful self-empowered young woman, and I can tell you one thing, you have done a very good job growing up. Thank you for going through all those battles and hardships with strength. Thank you for making me the woman that I am today.

Hopefully, Harnaam continues to inspire the world through her powerful messages.

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