Exactly What Underwear You Should Wear With Every Summer Bottom You Own

by Emily Arata

We're down with armpit hair. We're groovy with overalls. But one thing we have trouble getting our behinds behind is panty lines.

Stores will stock their windows with frilly, delicate rompers and effortless sundresses to make you look impeccably put-together, but it only takes one accidental underwear choice to create a disaster (see: unforeseen wind).

There's a lot to navigate when it comes to choosing undergarments.

Choose regular briefs instead of seamless, and you're suddenly showing four cheeks through the fabric of your cotton skirt.

Bikini lines, irritable and fresh from the waxing salon, join forces with the heat to create sweat in places no one likes to admit.

And, let's not forget the distinct possibility of lady bits touching a sticky subway seat, thanks to a skirt not quite long enough for a barrier.

Just so you're not caught with your pants down, here's the guide to appropriate seasonal bottoms.

No pencil skirt panty lines in sight.

The right pencil skirt fits snugly enough to show off your curves while providing coverage suitable for even the most conservative office.

To make sure you're displaying your shape without unflattering lines, opt for a lace thong that sits so comfortably you'll forget it's on, like those made by Hanky Panky.

Violà, the perfect power outfit for the conference room or the wine bar.

Hanky Panky Women's Signature Lace Original Thong Panty, $20, Amazon

Wind blowing up your flared skirt? No problem, with these boy shorts.

If you're brave enough to break out flared and A-line ensembles, there's a 100-percent chance you'll get caught in an unexpected gust of wind at least once.

Marilyn Monroe's "Seven Year Itch" moment is going to happen, so dress for the inevitable event.

Clothe your cheeks with a pair of demure – and comfortable – boy shorts, like the thick-waistband style made by Calvin Klein.

Let that summer wind get as frisky as it wants. You're covered.

Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Collection Pima Cotton Blend Boyshorts, $22, Nordstrom

Maxi dress and seamless panties: the perfect heat-fighting duo.

It may sound counterintuitive, but the easiest way to cool down on hot days is by covering up.

Thanks to the thin material and extra fabric of a maxi dress, you'll never have to deal with too-tight waistlines or sweaty fabric.

Pair this wardrobe staple with a seamless bikini to make you feel as if you're completely free of fabric.

Uniqlo's Ultra Seamless Bikini, available in a variety of neutrals, is so thin you'll want to buy a pair for every day of the week.

Ultra Seamless Hiphugger Underwear, $2, Uniqlo

The only thing easier than a loose dress is a pair of enormous panties.

Admit it: you secretly love the retro brief, with a waistline so high it creates a silhouette illusion while holding back the residual food baby from lunch.

On a humid day, a short, easy dress is the perfect choice. Unfortunately, shorter length often leaves you feeling exposed in the derriere region.

Avoid accidentally putting bare cheeks on a restaurant chair by trading skimpy panties in for a larger pair, like those available from Modcloth.

Charismatic Commitment Panties, $5, Modcloth

A seamless thong complements a chic romper effortlessly.

Not only can you set an alarm for 10 minutes later because you don't have to coordinate an outfit, you're also guaranteed a look that goes from office to happy hour.

Pair your one-piece with a seamless thong like Commando's, an undergarment just as simple as your romper.

No wedgies included.

Commando Classic Thong, $10-28, Amazon

Barely-there underwear is the secret weapon of nude (and white) ensembles.

The best way to show off a hard-earned summer glow is by throwing on an all-white outfit.

In case the sun or flash photography shows a little more than you'd intended, stick to a nude, barely-there G-string underneath.

Whether you're dancing or drinking, the real star of the show will be your statement outfit.

Don't let bulky panties hold you back from summer whites; try a highly-rated brand like Cosabella.

Cosabella Never Say Never Skimpie G-String Panty, $19, Amazon

No underwear? No problem.

Here's an advance lesson in summer underwear: just forget about it entirely. Going commando is a controversial choice, but some ensembles call for it.

If you decide to wear a bodysuit under shorts or a skirt, underwear is overkill. You wouldn't put on panties under a bikini bottom, would you?

For a slightly sexier take, try ditching your underwear while wearing a midi-length bodycon dress.

The tight fabric will show off the butt you squatted so hard to achieve, and you won't have to worry about a single line or potential muffin top.

Images via Polyvore