14 Celebrities Who Prove The Long Bob Is Everything Right Now

by Gillian Fuller

2014 was the year of cutting things short -- crop tops, celebrity breakups -- and hairstyles were no exception.

It was the Year of The Lob, a cut falling somewhere between the chin and shoulders; no shorter, no longer. And despite being a short cut, this one has staying power.

Visit any of your favorite beauty websites and type “lob” into the search bar.

Without fail, your query will be met with a flood of posts detailing the latest celebrity to debut the mid-length ‘do, styling tricks, and reasons why the lob is the flirty haircut du jour.

You’d be hard pressed to find a celeb who didn’t chop her strands into the trendy new shape.

Even ladies known for their flowing locks — Lauren Conrad and Kate Upton — experimented with the lob.

You also may be wondering, "So what?" For a while, we were too; after all, hairstyle trends are nothing new. (Remember “The Rachel”?)

But there’s something about the politics of the lob, and it's the bigger statement the short 'do makes that has us interested.

For one, hair is perhaps one of the biggest cultural signifiers of femininity.

Men typically don close-cropped cuts, while women use their hair to make a statement.

A woman with a buzz cut would likely be considered "less feminine" than her long-haired counterpart, regardless of whether or not it was true. Hair, and how we choose to style it, says a lot about who we are.

So the lob suggests women are feeling more comfortable with shaking up norms and “guidelines" that have defined traditional femininity.

It’s a movement; a step toward dissolving antiquated rules that have defined how women should look.

Lobs also require much less care. This further upends the standard principles of what defines “femininity,” and represents a cultural shift toward favoring easy, natural beauty over fussy, high-maintenance looks.

Rock a lob is like giving a big middle finger to the status quo. It's redefining sexy in a way that works for the modern woman. It is, in a sense, cutting ourselves loose.

And though the lob is a trend, how it's worn can say a lot about the woman who rocks it.

A lob can reinvent your look.

Just ask Selena Gomez.

Supermodels rock 'em.

Be like the Jourdan Dunns of the world.

Taylor Swift approves.

And whatever T Swift says, goes.

It looks killer with a cat eye.

Meowww, Coco.

It's a Kardashian favorite.

And looks killer in color, as Kylie Jenner demonstrates with her blue-green locks.

They balance bold styles nicely.

Even when they're purple, like Katy Perry's.

You've got space to show off your... assets.

A short cut will make your eyes pop.

Just check out Lily Collin's perfect peepers.

It's ***Flawless

Beyoncé promises.

And endlessly chic.

Lena Dunham looking fierce.

Alexa Chung's lob is on point.

A platinum lob says "rock 'n' roll."

Emma Roberts' is no exception.