Kim K Goes Makeup-Free In A Selfie To Show Her Face Is Still Flawless

In a rare, au naturel moment earlier this week, Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic uploaded an Instagram featuring the makeup-free social media guru pre- and post-glam.

Dedivanovic's model for a cosmetology master class canceled at the last minute, and Kardashian stepped up in her stead. After all, she's been his client for seven years.

The split image shows the dramatic transformation that takes Kardashian from your everyday girl-about-town to the Kanye-styled-and-approved pop culture icon we know her to be.

And while there are clear differences, such as tinting Kardashian's olive skin to a bit more peach-toned hue, she's giving serious face in both images.

Kardashian may be a natural beauty, but she's also been doing her prep work.

Those trademark dark eyebrows are flawlessly trimmed and her perfect hairline is all due to laser hair removal surgery.

Judging by a past Instagram featuring $160 La Mer cream, Kardashian doesn't skimp on skincare either.

Even her eyelashes seem to have a pre-selfie coat of mascara and probably even lash extensions.

It's admirable a woman so known for her perfect face is willing to show her fans what's under the layers of contouring, but that doesn't mean Kardashian is willing to settle for imperfections -- even when she goes makeup-free.

Kardashian's relied on Dedivanovic's makeup skills for over seven years.

Dedivanovic followed up with a glam shot of him and pal Kardashian.

She's no stranger to pricey products, like La Mer skin cream. It costs between $160 and $300.

Pampering is Kardashian's priority, and it's paying off.