This Is How Beauty Has Changed In The Philippines In The Past 100 Years (Video)

The sixth installment of Cut Video's “100 Years of Beauty” series has arrived, and this time, we're taking a look at the historical progression of Filipina culture and beauty.

Whereas the other videos (which documented African American and Mexican beauty, among others) capped off at the one-minute mark, this episode approaches two minutes and focuses as much on the island country's history as it does the changing beauty ideals.

As the video cycles through each decade, we see how strongly both historical events and Western culture influenced Filipina beauty ideals. The 1930s look, for instance, takes cues from the American flapper movement, while the 1940s period was governed by the Japanese occupation during WWII.

Those unfamiliar with Filipina history may be surprised to see how westernized the nation's beauty ideals are and have been; I certainly was.

Check out the video up top, and head to Cut Video for more.

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