Bedhead Is Now An Acceptable Red Carpet Hairstyle This Awards Season


The red carpet hairstyles at Sunday night's Grammy Awards were listless -- just like us. (Sigh.)

Not even thousands of dollars in product could thrust some bounce and shine into the lazy locks of countless stars strutting down the carpet.

If minimalism is the 2015 answer to the glitz of the early 2000s, we're in for a long awards season haul.

Instead of hair full of secrets, RiRi donned a slicked-back 'do we recognized from a morning of sweating it out at the gym and Bey showed up with day-three hair looking like it had been braided post-shower then slept on.

Mousy, "meh" hair is the new beachy waves, so we're bracing ourselves for a long slog of awards season 'dos... unless a rogue hair stylist finally loses it and runs down the red carpet spraying dry shampoo on stars' six-figure roots.

Until then, we can only dream or -- shudder --  rely on Kesha.


While Bey sported her thousand-watt smile and trademark poise, there was less to say about her waist-length waves.

Those listless waves only weighed down the biggest talent in the industry. You may have woken up like that, Beyoncé, but you did not need to go out the door that way.


We get it: Bedhead works best when you're on tour, as this sister-based band often is. But on the red carpet and in front of the media's unforgiving flash, sleek strands always rule.

Only Este (far left) was bold enough to add volume with a deep side part, while Danielle and Alana settled for "forgot to shower."

Charli XCX

Shoutout to Charli XCX for rocking the "Party Down" costume, but it seems as if her stylist got lazy halfway through the look.

While the pop singer's eyebrows are perfect, her hair seems as if someone gave up on her trademark wild curls and pinned them back.

Miranda Lambert

We know the long bob is back to stay, but Lambert's felt heavy seated on her shoulders with limp curves.

It doesn't seem fair Lambert's hair couldn't do justice to her glorious neon-pink lip.

Katharine McPhee

The top half of McPhee's head says, "I'm trying to shampoo my hair less often," while the bottom says, "I got invited to prom."

The key to this look is twisting your hair into a tight, low bun and then falling asleep in a pizza coma and forgetting about it.

Like furiously late-nighting on lactose, we're going to hard-pass on this hair.

Jenny Lewis

This is a recycled take on the plain white suit you probably recognized from her most recent album cover.

Too bad Lewis' messy, disheveled hair looked like it had been recycled, too. She may just want to be "One of the Guys," but even Beck's blowout looked better than Lewis'.

Courteney Cox

Cox, whose style usually leaves nothing to be desired, has come so far from the helmet hair days of "Scream," but if the alternative to excess hairspray is static cling, count me out.