These Little Girls Have Something To Tell Their Moms About 'Beach Bodies'

For little girls, Mom is in the entire world. Everything revolves around her, from the way she applies lipstick (or refuses to) to her insecurities. Being a mother is a high stakes game because a wide-eyed little human watches every single thing you do.

Does your mom hate her rounded triceps or have thick thighs she's embarrassed about? Chances are good those insecurities are the result of years watching svelte models and hearing about diet products she's supposed to have tried. Being a woman with a body is a tough job, but expectations about thigh gaps and having a "beach body" don't make it any easier.

As part of Real Simple's Women IRL project, the brand asked a group of adorable little girls and their mothers about what having a "beach body" means. In a heart-meltingly sweet turn of events, it's clear none of these tiny ladies have any idea. One even suggests it's about looking like a beach — honestly, it would be a lot easier if all women had to do was dress like a sandy beach.

Then, the moms have a chance to talk. They speak about their body image insecurities but encourage the newest generation of women to remember how beautiful they are. Kids, largely focused on throwing water balloons and making sand castles, don't give a second thought about squeezing their bodies into ocean-ready spandex. Moms could get a lot from emulating their devil-may-care attitudes.

Just a warning, this video may make you a little emotional. Anything that combines mothers, daughters and body image is a guaranteed sob fest. Call your mom and tell her she's a beautiful, precious angel woman. Or, you know, play it cool and stuff. She'll appreciate the attention, either way.