This Woman Went Viral For Loving Her Body, And She's Making A Movie About It

Taryn Brumfitt is more than just a woman with a body; she's a wife and mother, an entrepreneur and a professional speaker. But, at one point in her life, all Brumfitt could see in the mirror was her stomach and breasts, which weren't as taut as they used to be.

You might say the Australian woman is one of those near-magical internet success stories. After deciding against plastic surgery, wondering what kind of example it would make for her young daughter, Brumfitt saw viral internet attention in the form of an unconventional before-and-after photo. The early shot showed her, toned and tanned, posing in a bodybuilder's bikini (she'd taken up the hobby after declining surgery). The follow-up, however, showed the soft curves and tummy rolls of someone larger but happier.

So began the quest that's lead Brumfitt to the release of “Embrace,” a documentary project she helmed in an attempt to understand why so many women hate their bodies. Perhaps even more impressively, the film was crowdfunded by Brumfitt's Kickstarter supporters. She raised nearly $250,000 USD, according to Adelaide's InDaily.

The film, set to open August 4, is facing its own set of unique challenges. Because Brumfitt's documentary focuses on the beauty of the female body in all its shapes, several scenes include genitalia. It's earned an MA 15+ rating from Australia's Classification Board — the same rating given to sexy films like “Fifty Shades Of Grey."

Brumfitt says it's crucial young women see her movie because they're just beginning to understand the challenges of being a female in a world that tells us we're never good enough.

She told News Corp Australia,

Seventy percent of girls are dissatisfied by their own body. Fifty percent of 5 to 12-year-old girls want to lose weight… This is a conversation we need to be having with our girls.

Brumfitt would know, seeing as she's the founder of the Body Image Movement. Part of her job is specifically targeting mothers who aren't sure how to raise secure, confident daughters.

Your body is beautiful, no matter what size your thighs are. Remember that.

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