Anna Kendrick Crimped Her Hair And Revived Your Middle School Nightmares


I have this recurring nightmare that I'm still trapped in middle school.

Hidden behind a cloud of half-curled frizz, I'm trapped behind thick glasses, and I can practically feel the pimples beginning to build under my skin.

Thankfully, I always wake up. But, news from the world of celebrity goings-on has me questioning if the whole world has become one big, bad dream.

At the premiere of the movie “Trolls,” Anna Kendrick paid homage to all of our childhoods by wearing a crimped ponytail.


From what I understand, she did this consensually with the help of stylist Craig Gangi.

Nobody had to hold her down and force her to relive her youth like they would have had to do if it were me.


The only place where young teens ever looked remotely attractive was on TV, where Lizzie McGuire and her gang made the awkward stage look easy and cute.

You know, like Aaron Carter might just pop out behind any corner and plant a big old smackeroo on your previously un-smooched lips. A 13-year-old can dream, right?

Back then, beads, braids and way more crimps than were actually necessary defined the hip, haven't-had-braces-yet look. When "Pocahontas" hit theaters, there was even a toy that included a pet raccoon to braid your doll's hair.

Better yet, you could buy a $20 crimping iron with no other purpose than to make your hair look like Einstein's on an off day.


To get the style, Gangi blowdried Kendrick's "naturally coarse, curly hair” with Matrix's Smooth Setter Smoothing Cream. He coated Kendrick's hair with the brand's Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray before flat-ironing the whole head.

For the final touch, Gangi crimped random sections of the hair before pulling it all up into a teased ponytail. Voila, instant Millennial nostalgia.

Although the crimped hair is a far cry from the chic Kendrick we usually see on the red carpet, I'll give her credit for having a sense of humor about a movie based on a toy we all grow up with. I'll take her '00s ponytail over neon Troll hair any day.