All Women Must Watch This PSA About Compliments


It seems like all women have this inferiority complex that causes us to reject any compliment that comes our way. If someone tells us that we’re beautiful, we’re like “psshhhhht…as beautiful as a homeless crackhead.” If someone tells us we look thin, we’re like “yeah, thin as a beluga whale who just ate another beluga whale.”

Women brush off compliments because they don’t feel worthy of accepting them. Then, along comes that girl who’s confident enough to simply say “thank you!” when she receives a compliment. As much as we hate to admit it, we all know we hate that bitch.

Why do we feel this way? The more you talk down about yourself, the more those insecure thoughts will linger in your head and affect your self-esteem. Check out this Amy Schumer sketch regarding women and compliments that I’m sure will leave you laughing and thinking, "sh*t, this is spot on."