This Ad About Motherhood Struggles Will Make You Call Your Mom ASAP

Women's health company HelloFlo -- the mastermind behind last year's famous First Moon Party video -- is back with another hilarious commercial, this time for its New Mom Kit.

In the campaign, dubbed "Postpartum: A Musical," a new mom creates a Broadway-style performance bemoaning the innumerable hardships that come with new motherhood.

The song is brutally honest when it comes to revealing the disgusting side effects of birthing a child; prepare to hear all about a torn perineum, bloody nipples and what's called “vaginal fallout.”

The scenes cycle between the performances and a faux interview, in which the new mom discusses the inspiration for the musical.

Eventually, the offscreen interviewer introduces her to HelloFlo's New Mom Kit.

She remarks,

Huh, will you look at that. It has everything a new mom needs. Always pads and Bamboobies… it almost makes my musical completely irrelevant.

In the end, we learn her musical was a hit -- but only because she promised every show-goer a kit of her own.

Mothers will appreciate the bluntness of this hilarious, relatable ad, while childless ladies will appreciate their mothers.

No matter who you are, prepare for some serious laughs ahead -- and learn more about HelloFlo, the company “dedicated to helping women and girls navigate all stages of life,” here.

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