46 Things You'd Only Be Comfortable Sharing With Your Best Friend

by Ashley Fern

The relationship you have with your best friend is a relationship unlike any other. There are no judgments; it's basically a free space to be entirely comfortable as your true self.

There are no farces; there are no smoke and mirrors, there's just pure and open honesty. This girl is your ride or die, the person you go to when life is really great or just really, really horrible.

She is your better half and your soul mate and there is no one else you would rather spend your time with. People may question your friendship and that's just because they have not been fortunate enough to experience something of the same magnitude in their own lives.

Your best friend is someone to be cherished because you really don't know where you would be without this person. She is someone you would trust with every little secret as you tell her the things you don't even want to admit to yourself.

Here are the 46 things you would only share with your best friend/partner in crime/soul mate.

1. Your real number, not the one you tell a guy when you first date him

2. How much you actually weigh

3. How good the sex with a new guy was

4. How much you really ate today, not what you tell people to make you sound healthy

5. How bad the sex with your ex actually was

6. If you've ever cheated on your ex

7. Beauty secrets and regimens that you don't want anyone else to know

8. The real reason you don't speak to a family member

9. How much money you actually have put away in your savings

10. Great clothing stores/websites that you don't want anyone else knowing so no one copies your outfit

11. The fact that you are a week late and forgot to take two pills last month

12. The fear that you may wind up alone

13. The fact that you were probably the reason for your last breakup (aka the opposite of what you tell everyone else)

14. Your spare key

15. Emotional overload of feelings and tears

16. What you are really thinking about a mutual friend

17. Where you actually see yourself going in life

18. The nug of weed you stole from your friend when he left the room

19. The secret cup of vodka you hid at a pregame (so when the good stuff runs out, you don't have to drink the sh*tty stuff)

20. The brutal, honest truth about whether or not that outfit is actually flattering

21. ...Or when she should definitely not be posting a picture on Instagram

22. That you really hate your job despite what you tell everyone else

23. The most important news you've gotten in a while, which you aren't actually supposed to tell anyone

24. If you royally f*cked up in an unforgivable way

25. How much time you actually spend over-analyzing text messages

26. A mutual hatred of something utterly irrational that no one else could possibly understand

27. The fact that you'd rather stay in cuddling with each other than socializing with anyone else -- yes, including boys. Actually, especially boys

28. That you actually enjoy being single despite what all the other girls say

29. Snapchats of how you really woke up, especially on a Monday morning (hint: it's not #flawless)

30. When you get rejected by someone you thought you liked

31. Your Netflix, HBO Go and Facebook passwords

32. How you lack common sense once you start drinking

33. The fact that for a solid 10 days every month, you have less than double digits in the bank account

34. That your other best friend is the Seamless deliveryman

35. Who you stalk and on what social media platform you stalk that person

36. The timeline of your romantic encounters, especially those that have crashed and burned

37. What your actual salary is

38. Your bed, pillows and the majority of the covers

39. A plethora of insults directed at each other (clearly joking, of course)

40. The realization that the future freaks both of you out more than you're willing to admit to other people

41. The actual number of times you wash your hair versus how much you shower during the week

42. Your razor in an emergency

43. Your families on holidays when the other can't be with her own

44. Clothing items you are too broke to purchase by yourself, so you split them because you both want them anyway

45. Your honest opinions of your coworkers

46. If you really consider yourself happy or not