23 Types Of Best Friends Every Girl Has For Every Possible Situation In Her Life

by Ashley Fern

Each person in your life plays a distinct role, especially those whom you are closest to. You have that person you call when you want to go out and that other person you call when you want to stay in and binge watch Netflix.

Of course people's roles can overlap as you may enjoy going shopping with your drinking buddy, but for the most part, each of your friends has that go-to title.

These traits are the reason you chose to hang out with these people in the first place and you wouldn't have it any other way.

1. The long distance BFF

You spend the better half of your day talking to this friend in some way or another. At the end of the day, you tuck each other into bed via Facetime, which helps make your relationship seem not so far away.

You tag each other in posts you see that remind you of the other and Snapchat the sh*t out of one another constantly. This friend is the first person you call in an emergency, no matter how far away she is.

2. Your work BFF

This person knows the ins and outs of your daily life. She spends most of her time with you so, of course, this would naturally happen.

You vent to her about your problems no matter how insignificant they may be and she feels comfortable doing the same. Your friendship doesn't just exist in the office, as weekend hangouts are regular.

3. The gym BFF

Maybe you met this girl at the gym or you became friends over your mutual love of working out -- either way, a gym buddy is crucial.

It's a lot more of a motivation to go with someone else, making you accountable to her, as well as to yourself.

4. The BFF who doesn't have a job and is always down to chill

You know when you just need a personal day, but you don't want to be alone? This is when this person comes in handy.

She is used to spending her days alone, so she is more than thrilled when you hit her up to hang out.

5. The stoner BFF

This chick is your go-to best friend since her apartment door is always open with the bong ready and packed. She's always down for anything because she's honestly too high to even think about giving a sh*t.

6. The shopping BFF

You may not be able to afford a shopping trip on the reg, but you have that one friend who is always down to accompany you for the journey when you can go.

Unlike you, she evidently has no budget and shops alongside you all day long.

7. The "let's stay in" BFF

Your friend hates drinking and hates being hungover even more, which is why she is the perfect person to stay in with.

She loves Netflix just as much as you do and sees no issue with ordering a variety of snacks off Seamless.

8. The always down to party BFF

This is the girl you call on a random Tuesday night just because you're bored and know she's down for a good time.

She isn't picky and is basically up for anything that seems like a good time. It's always good to have one of these friends close by your side.

9. The blackout BFF

This isn't the same as the previous example -- this girl only goes out to black out. You need this friend when you are having a really sh*tty day and just want to let off some (a lot) of steam.

And if you ever feel like going on a bender -- this would be the first place to start.

10. The guy BFF

Every girl needs a guy best friend she can vent and complain about all her other best friends to, right? Isn't that why we have him? He's a breath of fresh air and a great source of comfy, oversized sweatshirts.

Most importantly: How would we know how to decipher texts from other guys without our male bestie's input?

11. The BFF who is always down to eat

Sometimes you just need to eat your feelings and that's just something you don't want to do alone. This girl is your go-to binge eater and can sometimes overlap with your stoner BFF -- for obvious reasons.

12. The family friend BFF

You became friends with her through your parents back in the day. Sure, she may not be your first choice to go out with every night, but she does make family gatherings much more bearable.

13. The wingman BFF

This girl has got your back when it's your turn to be the boy crazy BFF. She will go to any bar with you and always talk to the ugly friend while you talk to his hot friend. She doesn't make you feel bad either, she's more than happy to help.

14. The rich BFF

Somehow this girl has unlimited credit and a fancy ride. You head to her summer home on weekends because her beach house comes equipped with over three guest rooms.

She's always down to go on an extravagant getaway or an impromptu shopping trip.

15. The cheap BFF

This girl always dives for the bill first so she can compare the price of her meal to everyone else's. She never wants to just split the bill, instead she'd rather calculate the cost for each individual person. Even though this process takes three times as long, she just doesn't care.

16. The advice-giver BFF

If you need cold, hard honest advice, you know exactly which of your friends you should talk to. She doesn't hold back and tells you exactly what you need to hear. You need this person to shed some clarity on a situation you may be reading wrong.

17. The camp BFF

You met this girl during your younger years and spent endless summers, maturing by her side. She was there when you shaved your legs for the first time and she was definitely there when you got your first boyfriend.

18. The childhood BFF

You have been friends with this girl since your elementary school days. You grew up together, joined clubs and sports teams together and eventually went to prom together. You most likely did not go to the same college, but you always reunite during school vacations.

19. The college BFF

You plan your schedules together and your housing arrangements. She has been with you through every bad grade and family emergency.

She was by your side when you failed your first class or when you got your heart broken. You know she will be up there with you, by your side on your wedding day -- whenever the F that may be.

20. The boy crazy BFF

Everyone has that one friend who, at any given moment, is head over heels for a guy or looking for a guy to fill that role. She goes out with one intention and one intention only: to meet a man.

21. The abroad BFF

You met this girl during your semester abroad; it doesn't matter that the time you spent together was brief because you had some of the most memorable experiences of your life thus far with her.

You've kept in touch long after your abroad experience and she still is one of your favorite friends.

22. The BFF you'd trust with your life

Of course you trust your friends, but there's one person who stands superior to the rest because you can tell her anything.

You don't need to remind her that whatever you disclose is between the two of you because it's an unwritten rule.

23. The BFF who has all the right connections

Somehow this friend is always attending some kind of exclusive event. She's more than happy to bring you along as long as you don't mind getting home at the crack of dawn.

She also appears to have some strange relationship with doormen all over your city because they never make her wait in line and they never ask for an ID.

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