7 Reasons Working Out Outside Is Always Better For You, Even When It's Freezing

Studio Firma

The word "exercise" can either brighten your day or make your skin

The word doesn't exactly have a ring to it and doesn't sound fun, but it is something we all know we need to do. The concept of working out is thrust at us from all angles of society in the form of a new gym opening, a new supplement that can benefit some part of your body or an advertisement of a man or woman boasting muscular figures to die for.

And we, as competitive people of the Western world, are constantly battling to keep in shape.

But the winter season tends to be the most difficult time to stay fit. While the weather is bitterly cold outdoors, our homes are full of comforting foods, ready for us to consume.

But the cold shouldn't always keep us shut inside. So, here are seven reasons why you should swap your warm, fuzzy slippers for your ready-and-waiting gym shoes:

1. Your body will be ready for spring and summer clothes.

Let's face it: Spring will be here in only a few months.

Tanks and short-shorts will be on show really soon, and you're going to wish you already prepared yourself for that. As soon as that sun is out again, a well-toned and confident you should be, too.

2. Keep fit despite all of the holiday meals.

We are all prone to overindulging in warm, baked goods and red wine throughout the holiday season, and thus, we risk losing touch with our fitness goals and falling completely out of shape.

To compensate, get those sneakers on, get out in the cold air and get that heart rate up. If you are set on not focusing too closely on your diet at this time, then exercising regularly will offset this significantly... at least until the turkey and egg nog are consumed and away from those gluttonous eyes.

3. Your mental health will benefit.

Going outside in the cold and putting your body through a rigorous or a continuous exercise routine is actually beneficial for your mental health.

If you've had a long day in terms of not moving much, getting outside and out of that sedentary environment is invigorating and truly relaxes the mind.

4. There are no crowds to sift through.

When pounding that pavement on a cold, dreary evening in December, where no one else dares to walk, it's peaceful and no one gets in your way.

Seriously, there is nothing worse than finally getting the urge to go out there and work out, only for there to be crowds of others doing the same thing.

5. You won't have to spend money on a gym membership.

I suppose it's only right I mention the financial benefits this idea brings. Think about how much money you will save on a gym membership and the means to get to the gym in the first place.

And since it's winter, your local gym will most likely be full, since most people aren't willing to brave the cold for a workout. You could also save that money on your membership and use it for gifts, instead! That HAS to be a legitimate reason to get outside this winter.

6. Do something others don't.

Your family members will want you to be safe, and your friends will call you crazy, but use this as an opportunity to inspire people.

When you finish your workout in ridiculously cold temperatures, get on social media. Tell people what you did and encourage others to give it a go.

Plus, it's a great feeling to know you're ahead of the game by getting that beach body ready a few months before everyone else.

7. The time alone refuels you.

Time to yourself after a long, hard day is hard to come by. We still work out hard throughout this season, and we still have to care for our families and spend time with our loved ones, but where does that alone time come in?

Don't be stuck in your room all the time. Instead, take out your running shoes, get downstairs and do a few laps around the block.

Do what your body needs to do this winter. Take on those blustery breezes and sheets of snow, and challenge yourself. Show everyone what a self-motivated person you are this winter.