Matt Prior

I am that guy you went to school with and probably thought, “He’s nice but he gets in too much trouble to make anything of his life”. Wrong. An English lad in his late twenties, Matt has decided "what is good for him and what isn’t". He is a fully-fledged Veggie, a football (Soccer) freak and a Gemstone buyer. If you were to live by his motto, it would be his tattooed choice, "don't go through life; GROW through life." Matt is a traveller, like a proper traveller. Many corners of the globe have been covered extensively. Although currently residing in Prague, this will most likely change in the next few weeks. His favourite animals are ducks, his second favourite colour is blue, and his third favourite Rock band is Kaleo. Hit Matt up on Instagram and give him a follow @thelonelytravellermatt