The Foolproof Workout Plan For Toning Your Lower Body In Just 30 Days

by Leigh Weingus

First, the good news: It's summer!

The days of going stir-crazy in your apartment with Netflix and a bag of Doritos (just me?) are out, and shorts, tank tops and sun are in.

If you spent all winter in the gym and eating salads on the regular, you probably couldn't be more excited to flaunt what you've got. But if your winter calorie-burning activities consisted of reaching into a bag of aforementioned Doritos, I'm going to guess you're not exactly excited to show off your legs and booty in a pair of short shorts.

Worry not, friends: I got in touch with Jason Tran, instructor and Director of Recruiting at SWERVE Fitness, instructor at The Fhitting Room and FitBit Local NYC Trainer (I know, that's a mouthful), because this guy knows a thing or two about getting fit.

Tran put together a challenge that will tone your entire lower body in just 30 days, meaning your will slay at that Fourth of July barbecue.

Here's what the moves look like.

Single Leg Hip Thrusts

Celine Rahman

Jump Squats

Celine Rahman

Alternating Lateral Lunges

Celine Rahman

Here's what the plan looks like:

Lesley Hartman

Happy squatting! And if you're also looking to do a little arm toning, head over to Tran's arm challenge.