There's A Bracelet You Can Wear To Prevent Sunburn This Summer

by Julia Guerra

Summer is here, vacations are booked, and the sun has come out to play (*dun, dun, dun*).

While you're lying out on a donut-shaped floaty this season, sipping wine coolers and snapping selfie after selfie by the pool, summer's little miscreants (aka harmful UV rays beating down from the sky) are doing their dirty work.

Sometimes, no matter how much you apply, reapply, and reapply again, sunscreen fails to do the trick, and you're left with irritating streaks of red in the most inconvenient spots all over your body.

But French technology brand Netatmo is determined to not let that happen in 2017.

Last year, everyone was buzzing over variations of the SuperBands, a wiry bracelet almost identical to an invisibobble hair tie infused with mosquito repellant claiming to prevent bites.

Whether or not they actually work, the cheap-to-purchase insurance definitely made me feel a little more at ease spending days on days poolside in my parents' backyard, which just so happens to neighbor a bug-infested forest.

This year, one fancy wrist accessory claims it can prevent sunburn, but note: It'll cost you more than a few bottles of sunscreen.

Exclusively sold on the Bloomingdale's website, The Netatmo June is priced at just shy of $100, but could be worth the investment if not only for the sake of your skin's health.

Not sold? Here's why you should consider the splurge.

It Goes With Everything

The studded accessory is definitely a statement piece, tastefully cut to mirror an authentic diamond clasped at the center of a silicone-wrapped, black leather band.

Black goes with everything, and (even faux) diamonds are forever, so you can wear it interchangeably to the movies with friends, dinner with your SO, and even (especially) poolside to enhance your little black bikini.

It's Waterproof

Unlike sunscreens that can't handle skin getting even a little wet 'n wild, the June has been dubbed "splashproof," so while you shouldn't necessarily stick it under pool water or waves for long periods of time, it wont be the end of this technology if you happen to take a dip while wearing it.

It Knows When Skin Can't Take The Heat

I know myself pretty well, and I tend to stay out in the sun longer than I should for the sake of socializing with family or friends.

According to the product's description, the June "measures your sun exposure and gives you real-time, personalized advice on how to protect your skin from harmful, skin-aging UV exposure."

Translation: Netatmo's device will warn you when your skin's about to become overheated, so you can move the party inside ASAP.

The App Goes Skin-Deep

Want to learn more? There's an app for that, naturally.

Search "JUNE by netatmo" in the App store, download the free application to your smartphone, and you'll be notified the second your skin is in need of sun protection.

Supplementary to these friendly reminders, log on to the app at any time to review a summary of how much time you've spent in the sun, and at what times the UV rays had the most impact.

A Personalized Skin Expert

You love the skin you're in, so you'll want to tailor your products to satisfy your individual needs.

In addition to providing users with a scientific rundown, the JUNE by netatmo app can also provide its users with ways to combat sun exposure through product recommendations, or no-brainer reminders you've been neglecting, like wearing a hat, keeping in the shade, and much more.