Taking A Cold Shower After Working Out Will Just Make You Sweat More

Alice Nerr

You finished working out an hour ago and now you're at work, still sweating.

It's the worst. I've certainly been there, sweating at my desk and hoping my co-workers just assume it's from showering after my run (which I totally do, just in case anyone needs to know).

Sometimes you sweat so much post-workout and post-shower, it's almost like you need an extra change of clothes to wear in-between the gym and work. But if you find yourself still sweating after showering, you're probably making the mistake of rinsing off in cold water.

Jumping in a soothing cold shower after a hot sweat sesh is probably what you want to do most, but showering in warmer water will help the sweating stop faster.

Even when you're done with cardio or whatever workout you're doing, your body still generates heat while redistributing your blood and restocking energy. So that's why you still feel hot for a while after hitting the gym and showering.

San Francisco-based hydration expert Stacy Sims, PhD explained to Shape why this happens. She said,

The chilly temp constricts your blood vessels, causing hot blood from your skin to rush to your core, raising your body temperature.

So yeah, taking a slightly warmer (not super hot or cold) shower will be more effective. To really seal the deal, stand in front of a fan or your AC to dry up any sweat left behind before getting dressed if you can. That way it won't bead up when you're getting to work.

To take it even further, you can drink some ice-cold water prior to and during your workout. This helps keep your core temperature low so you won't sweat as much after you're done.

Not taking a cold shower after a workout sounds counterintuitive, I know -- but that's just how the body works, apparently. The more you know, kids.

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