How To Stop Early Signs Of Aging Without Spending All Your Money On Botox

by Shannon Ullman

As a generation privy to physical enhancements and surgical alterations, our fears of aging may be further off in the distance than our parents'.

With things like Botox, tummy tucks and liposuction at our disposal, nipping aging in the bud is more accessible than ever, but it's not always painless and affordable.

Fortunately for us, new products and advancements come out each year that don't require us to go under the knife.

It's just a matter of preventing aging early on and making smart choices, like one of those, “Do it now, your body will thank you later” kind of things.

So, what should you be looking out for, and how can you stop early signs of aging dead in their tracks?

1. It's all in the hands.

Ever notice that bulging veins and wrinkled and thin skin starts with the hands?

It's not a pretty picture I'm painting, but hands show aging more than any other part of our bodies. As our skin loses collagen and wrinkles begin to surface, our hands are the number one indicator of age.

Special laser treatments and expensive creams can combat the signs of aging in our hands, but all we see is the flying dollar emoji.

Trying to remedy early aging in hands can be as simple as being aware of what we're exposing our hands to.

Using a natural and moisturizing hand soap followed by a moisturizer is an easy fix to dryness.

The rubber gloves your parents use while washing dishes? While not the most fashionable kitchen attire, these actually save our hands from the chemicals and drying agents in dish soap.

Don't knock it 'til you try it.

2. Stop your receding hairline.

Premature greying is one thing, but a receding hairline is a whole other beast that no one wants to combat, especially when it comes way before you'd expect it to.

Why are you losing your hair?

Factors including stress, diet, chemical hair styling, hormonal changes and overall genetics play a role in hair loss.

Ultimately, it's not just the choices you make, and if your older family members experience premature hair loss, you might be in the same boat.

Treating hair loss without surgery using topical medications is a way to non-invasively solve premature hair loss.

Maintaining a healthy diet and incorporating practices like acupuncture, meditation and yoga may also help alleviate unwanted stress on your body and hairline.

3. Rethink your night cap.

Consuming alcohol is detrimental to your skin and is a huge contributing factor for causing wrinkles, loss of collagen and dryness.

When you wake up gasping for water after a night of binge drinking, just think about what the dehydration is doing to your skin, one of the prime areas to display early signs of aging.

Finishing off your night with a cocktail seems harmless, but those who rely on alcohol with an alcohol addiction aren't so fortunate when it comes to premature aging.

Alcoholism can cause liver disease, which results in jaundice and psoriasis. That's not a hot look for your face that you're trying to keep youthful and glowing.

If you enjoy having a drink every once and a while, cutting alcohol cold turkey isn't the be all and end all to anti-aging.

Though alcohol certainly doesn't equate to drinking from the fountain of youth, sticking to shots over sugary mixed drinks will not only help prevent a head-banging hangover, but it will also result in less inflammation and risk of wrinkles than its sugary counterparts.

Opt for straight vodka over a Red Bull vodka, or try whisky on the rocks and hold the Coke.

4. Cut flab and try weight-lifting.

As we age, the elasticity of our skin declines, which results in flabby skin.

One of the first areas to sag is our arms. (Think chicken wings.)

The solution? Strength training.

Sticking to just cardio won't tighten up the sag, but weight-lifting will. Incorporating weights into your fitness regimen will help build lean, defined muscles.

Plus, when it comes to your arms, you're more likely to slow the drooping skin when you already have healthy muscle mass.

Resistance training to sculpt your entire arm with things like triceps dips, curls and push-ups will help you shed the flab and maintain a healthy weight.

The moral of the story is, aging doesn't just happen when we get "old," and certain activities can increase your risk of displaying early signs of aging.

Don't wait until Grim Reaper status to start your anti-aging regimen.