Women Are Getting Botox At A Younger Age

by Ally Batista

I’ve always associated Botox with 40-something-year-old women who were striving to hold onto their youth, no offense. Now, it seems as if my made up statistic is wildly inaccurate.

Young women in their 20s now make up 30 percent of Botox users, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, with the age lowering. A recent CBS report has found that the number of teenagers springing for Botox (those under the age of 20, obviously) has risen 800 percent in the last year alone.

This, to me, is shocking. Such a serious procedure should not be performed on women that young, and it’s surprising to me that a doctor would even allow such a thing. At this age, your skin and your face is still changing.

You may get Botox now, and still ‘need it’ years down the line, because your face had not completed its transformation into complete adulthood yet. This leads to women getting more Botox procedures than they usually do, which could eventually lead to Botox poisoning.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images