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If You're At A Party With A Lot Of Guys, You'll Probably Get Drunker

Your environment can affect how drunk you get more than you probably realize.

A new study done in Australia found that the more dudes there are in a bar, the drunker everyone gets.

Let's keep in mind this study was done in Australia. They party hard there.

Researchers from Deakin University went undercover and observed 828 people in 62 different nightclubs and bars in Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Wollongong and Perth. They specifically looked for tell-tale signs of drunkenness, like slurred speech, changes in behavior and lack of coordination.

In all of the venues they went to, half of the patrons were tipsy or drunk at any time, and most of them were dudes. Over half of the people in these bars were under the age 25.

After bar-hopping and spying on drunk 20-somethings, the researchers found that for every percentage point increase of dudes in a bar, there was also a 5 percent increase in drunkenness. Interesting.

They also saw that super crowded bars had more drunk people in them compared to nightclubs, which had less patrons. That's kind of surprising, considering that a night out to a club is more of an event.

OK, so we don't exactly know why levels of intoxication relate to how many guys there are in a bar, but we can speculate this might happen because guys who like to party just roll together in groups. Maybe these men are also more attracted to the bars with bigger partying scenes.

Whatever the reason is, now you know what to look for when walking into a bar on a Saturday night. The amount of dudes in there can be a good indicator of how your night is going to go.

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