5 Ways To Get Fit And Lose Weight Without Ever Stepping Foot In The Gym Again

by Shannon Ullman
Studio Firma

Your healthiest self is hiding inside you and if you are like most people, you've probably been trying to find it since you were a teenager.

Dieting and a strict gym routine are things you're probably familiar with but the thought of them doesn't seem that exciting.

Plus, you may have started to think that these things don't work since you've tried them time and time again without the results you were hoping for. The truth is, it isn't impossible to reach your fittest potential.

It can be done! Here are five ideas that are actually unique and may finally get you where you want to be.

1. Consider pole dancing.

Have you read the articles going around about the adventurous older women who got their teenage bodies back by pole dancing?

It's pretty incredible to see what kind of shape these women are capable of getting into.

Nearly every town offers some kind of pole dancing class these days. The amount of muscle that it takes to get up there, turn upside down and pull yourself around is incredible and your body is bound to change drastically after only a few months.

2. Eat more.

You read that right. Eat a lot more, but eat the right things.

Restricting calories may help you lose weight in the short term but eating small salads and tiny portions of trail mix just isn't sustainable. I mean, do you really want to be counting calories for the rest of your life?

If you stick to whole foods like fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, you can eat way more than if you just cut portions of processed meals.

While the one slice of pizza you are allowing yourself for dinner may taste better than a giant salad, you probably will be much more satisfied after the larger meal, all while dropping weight.

3. Bring back your childhood hula hoop.

Oh yeah, hula hooping is back and this time, it is here to help you get in shape. I'm sure you learned how to hula hoop during gym class but it's probable that your teacher never taught you the physical benefits of putting in some serious hooping.

Through the motions involved with hula hooping, your abs will get a serious workout, helping you tone up without the dreaded crunch routine.

It can help build up stamina too, so if you actually do want to keep up with the crunches, you will be able to.

Plus, keeping that thing going will work up a sweat which will help you burn the calories in a way that's pretty entertaining.

Not only is it cheap to buy a hula hoop, but you are able to do it right in your living room or back yard. Hell, you can do it while watching your favorite show too.

Want to take it a bit more seriously? People actually offer group hula hoop classes for exercise. Ask your local gym or check if there are venues in your city that host the classes.

4. Get in on the waist trainer craze.

You may have heard of waist trainers through the media since people like the Kardashians and Lindsey Lohan have been known to wear them.

Essentially, they are worn in a way similar to a corset and help shape the waist into an hour-glass figure. You can wear one under your clothes so that you can work on that perfect body even when you're at work or grocery shopping.

Articles can be found all over the place with tales of fantastic waist trainer results and first person stories too.

5. Find someone to fence with.

Have you ever thought about fencing? No? Ok, I don't blame you.

Fencing (the sport, not the thing you put up to hide from the neighbors) is one of those activities that hardly anyone ever does.

However, it is pretty cool if you take the time to look into it. With special masks and a suit, you technically sword fight with your opponent until someone wins.

How cool is that? What's even better than being a totally unique, quirky bad-ass, is that you will get quite the workout from it too.