I Lost 40 Pounds After I Finally Started Listening To What My Body Wanted

Once upon a time, I was 40 pounds overweight and wanted to get fit.

I tried everything from counting calories to Weight Watchers, to exercising for two hours a day, to fad diets. Nothing worked, and I thought there was something wrong with me.

And if you're like every other person out there trying to lose weight, you feel like you have to put in more effort to reap more rewards.

If you're eating less and still not losing weight, maybe you try to eat even less. If you've been going to the gym for an hour every day and not seeing a dent in your weight-loss goals, maybe you decide to up the ante and go for two hours a day.

You may not know this, but becoming more and more committed to an intense weight-loss plan will only stop you from keeping the weight off in the long term in a way that feels good to you.

Because from the get-go, you're already declaring to your body you don't trust that it knows how to be healthy and balanced.

Instead, you think there is a problem that needs to be fixed because somewhere deep down, you feel like something is wrong with you.

If your aim is to lose weight and possibly become more spiritual in the process, then that means you have to tune in to how you feel.

And if you're working out when you're tired, eating food you don't like because you think it'll help you lose weight and ignoring your cravings, you're detaching yourself from finding out what could really work for you on both a physical and a spiritual level.

Food energetics

Back before modern medicine, humans had to know how to stay healthy based on how food affected them. And the easiest way for them to figure that out was to look at nature.

So let's take bananas, for example. Bananas grow in a hot, tropical climate. Bananas are designed to cool off your body in a hot environment.

So if you look outside your window and there's snow on the ground, and you're wondering what to eat for your pre-workout snack and come across a recipe online for a banana smoothie, well, that might not be the best thing for you to eat.

You don't want to be cooling off your body in a cold environment.

In the modern world of diets, we only look at diet science like "proteins," "carbs" and "calories."

And diet science can make it really hard to understand what foods to eat because you can use scientific evidence to prove whether something like bananas are "good" or "bad."

Some people will tell you bananas are great because they're a natural fruit high in potassium. Other people will tell you bananas are awful because for a fruit, they're high in calories and sugars.

And that's where food energetics comes into play. Because the idea is, if something like bananas don't grow where you're located, then it's not going to be the optimal thing for you to eat for health, regardless of the nutrient density.

How can food energetics help you lose weight and become spiritually aligned?

I spent so many years trying to solve my weight-loss issues with my brain. Weight loss was one huge math problem, and I was failing.

But what finally started to work was when I left all the math behind and started focusing on food energetics.

I started eating local foods not just because I was told it supports my local farmer, but because I trusted I was going to get the right kind of nutrients and energy from what grows where I live.

And I started eating foods according to how I wanted to feel.

Instead of having a big, low-calorie, raw salad that made me yearn for more and kept me up at night with my brain racing and stomach growling, I started eating warmer foods like stews and soups, which produced a calming, warming effect that helped me sleep much better.

I also saved raw and cooling foods for earlier in the day to have more vibrant energy.

Next thing I knew, I was 40 pounds lighter.

It was all from asking myself how I felt and turning to patterns in nature to help me feel my best. It was the first time that I realized nothing was wrong with me.

Feeling instead of thinking got me more results.

The good news

Mother Nature doesn't want you to be overweight with IBS.

When you start eating foods in harmony with nature, your weight starts to balance itself out. So, start listening to your mama.

Spirituality is about connection with nature and with the world outside your body. It's about following your gut and listening to your heart.

And food energetics is the tool that helps you do just that: get closer to understanding yourself and feel spiritually aligned.

Diet science is about following your brain and what makes logical sense. Food energetics is about trusting nature, your gut and how you feel, which will help you develop a closer connection to the food you eat and your physical health.

Because when you know what works for you, you're most in tune with your spirit.

Want to learn more? Here is a free online workshop on food energetics. If you're ready to have your mind blown and to lose weight intuitively, now is your chance.