How Early Birds Actually Work Out In The Morning, For Those Who Believe It's Impossible

by Georgina Berbari
Getty Images/Jordan Siemens

When I hear stories about people waking up at 5 a.m. before work and hitting the gym, it honestly sounds like an urban legend to me. Like... as much as I'd love to spring out of bed and squeeze in a sweat sesh before sunrise, the snooze button is just so damn tempting. Despite the numerous motivational post-its I stick next to my bed or countless times I google "tips for working out in morning" -- I just cannot understand how other fitness fanatics get into an early morning exercise routine with ease.

If you've always (literally) dreamed of signing up for those morning bootcamp workouts but just wonder... how?

Firstly, I feel you on a spiritual level, fam.

Secondly, Elite Daily reached out to fitness blogger and marathoner, Becky LaChance to get her tips on smashing in those early morning sweat sessions.

Everyone's heard the usual tips for #RisingAndGrinding -- but getting advice from someone who literally hits the weight room in the wee hours of the morning is just what you need to finally make the switch.

LaChance frequently sets alarms before 5 a.m. (#blessup) to stay dedicated to her exercise regimen, start her day feeling amazing and balance it all with her job as a nurse.

She gave us four of her biggest tips for breaking up with the snooze butting and replacing it with some glorious, sweat-infused endorphins:

1. Sign Up For Class The Night Before

LaChance says,

If you don't sign up for class you're not as likely to get up so early to go and push it off until later in the day when you're even more sluggish. I sign up for the gym every night before bed and they actually have a cancellation policy (if you don't cancel within three hours, there's a fee to pay).

I don't know about you, but I'm not down to pay the cost (literally) of a couple extra minutes of shut-eye.

A cancellation policy may be just the casual consequence you need to transform into an early bird.

2. Set A Goal

Setting realistic goals makes you more excited about training and nudges right out the door on those early mornings.

LaChance says,

I'm training for the Chicago marathon in October so no matter what I have to get up early and get it done or else it won't happen. Since I work 12-hour shifts, after a long day I know I won't get my workout in.

Know your schedule, fitness preferences, and what motivates you -- and shape your #goals around that.

3. Work Out With Friends

Honestly, if Carrie Bradshaw was going to be there, I would wake up before 5 a.m. every damn morning.

But my girlfriends work too, I guess. (Kidding, love you guys).

LeChance frequently makes plans to meet her girlfriends before sunrise and says it really gets her out the door some days.

[The accountability] gives me something to look forward to early in the morning -- and working out with someone pushes you harder, too.

4. Have A Yummy Breakfast Prepped And Waiting For You When You Get Home

TBH, if all else fails -- a bomb ass breakfast is bound to get your booty out of bed and into the gym.

LeChance preps variations of peanut butter infused oats or chocolate coconut waffles every night -- this way, when she's back from her early workout, she has something to look forward to.

Nothing will get you through the toughest of sweat sessions like some quality peanut butter, amirite?

LeChance ended our chat by saying,

Hopefully this is good enough, I'm in a rush because I'm actually off to the gym!

(Seriously super woman up in here, amirite?). Brb, setting my 4:45 a.m. alarm for tomorrow morning...

But, first I'm prepping a drool-worthy breakfast. I need all the motivation I can get... who's with me?