17 Reasons Why People Who Exercise In The Morning Win At Life

by Ashley Fern

There are, more or less, two types of individuals in the world -- morning and night people. Each kind of person has a set of traits reserved to him or her -- which isn't to say a night owl can't take on habits of an early riser.

If there's something you want badly enough, changing your mindset shouldn't be all that difficult. Although, as everyone knows, it's usually an uphill battle.

Working out in the morning is something most people have vowed they would start doing at one point or another in their lives, but the majority fail to follow through.

"I'll go after work; I'll hit the treadmill this weekend; I don't really have time to work out..."

These are excuses we constantly make for ourselves... but we need to stop.

Your health and physical well-being are much more important than fitting into your tightest pair of skinny jeans. Exercise is about maintaining a sustainable quality of life.

Setting your alarm an hour or so earlier than you usually do can have immense benefits when it comes to your well-being, some of which you may have never been aware of before.

So why is working out in the morning the best way to jumpstart your day?

1. It sets the pace for the rest of your day

As Elle Woods taught us all, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t."

Starting your morning off with a workout will put you in a better mood -- and everyone knows it doesn't hurt to have a little extra happiness before stepping into the office.

2. It motivates you to actually want to eat healthily

It's easy to justify poor-eating habits with the thought that you will just burn them off later, but as everyone knows (or at least should know), you can't out-exercise a bad diet.

You already know how many calories you burned going into the day, so when lunch comes around, you will be a lot more likely to opt for a healthy choice over your beloved Chipotle.

3. You've already been more productive than most of the people you know

Sure, comparison may be the thief of joy, but everyone (whether we admit it or not) gets a little sick pleasure from outdoing someone else.

4. Once your body acclimates, you can get a better workout than you would in the evening

Our bodies are programmed to hit their maximum exertion around noon, but studies prove that once your body acclimates to this new time, it can transcend that afternoon high.

5. Your best friend isn't planning her birthday extravaganza at 7:30 am, is she?

Your social life definitely takes a beating when it comes to creating your gym schedule.

Why not just wake up earlier and make the most out of your day?

6. Working out in the morning jumpstarts your metabolism

Your metabolism will be amped up and continue to stay elevated throughout the day, which means the calories keep on burning after you finish your morning workout.

7. It gives you something to be f*cking proud of

Before your day even starts, you have accomplished something! How many other people can say that for themselves? You fought the urge to hit that snooze button and you kicked your ass into gear.

8. You can one-up everyone when you get to the office

"Oh, what did you do this morning? Had a bagel from Dunkin'? Rough... I just jogged four and a half miles."

9. You don't even need to leave your apartment

Wait, what? You're telling me I can burn over 400 calories without even walking out the door?

Peloton is changing the way we work out by bringing intense spin sessions taught by top instructors to the comfort of your own home.

Having an in-home spin bike essentially eliminates the "It's too cold outside to work out" excuse we have all gotten too familiar with during this bitter winter.

10. It actually gives you something to look forward to

Yes, you can actually look forward to going to the gym -- I know, insane.

But think about all of the free time you will now have after work to do all those things you always complain you don't have time for!

11. You get that natural glow without the pregnancy

A rigorous gym schedule is all the commitment we can make in our lives right now.

12. It just makes your day that much easier to manage

See this face? This is the face you make when your boss yells at you for not doing something he never actually asked you to do.

By releasing your tension out in the morning, before you step foot into the office, the need for this face is essentially gone.

13. You focus much better in the morning

The best part about being up before work is that most people aren't.

That means no texts, no emails and no back-and-forth arguments with a significant other or parent! There is little to nothing that can distract you in real time.

14. Have you ever seen a gym jam packed at 7 am?

It's hard to find a crowded gym super early in the morning, which is great for you. Say goodbye to waits by the cardio machine and switching off machines in-between sets.

15. It helps to regulate your sleep cycle

Waking up early means getting to bed early (hopefully). By putting your body into a routine like this, your sleep cycle will naturally have to develop around it.

16. You have first dibs on classes

Classes in the afternoon tend to fill up and require reservations in advance. If you wake up early, chances are there will be spots open where you can just walk in and sign up.

17. It forces you into a routine

In a world that is constantly throwing stress and chaos in your way, it's a breath of fresh air to have some stability in your life, and that is exactly what a morning work-out routine can provide.