Lifestyle — The Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Alcohol

Let's be honest, there are many reasons you should cut back on your alcohol intake.

But if you're going to drink, you can at least drink a little more responsibly. (And by "responsibly," I mean choosing the proper alcohol.)

Sure, we've all been advised to stay away from sugary mixed drinks and to stick to the purer, bland alternative of a vodka soda.

Or maybe you're living off the excuse that red wine has antioxidants and, therefore, is magically good for you.

Whatever it is, I'm here to give you a few more excuses as to why you should fill your glass up for another round.

White Wine

While red wine has long been known as the “healthier” option in the wine family, white wine can have a surprising number of benefits as well.

White wines are naturally lower in histamines than their red counterparts, which make them better for allergy sufferers whose symptoms may be triggered by histamine levels.


Your alcoholic aunt was actually right to suggest you drink a hot toddy for a bad cough.

Research from Carnegie Mellon shows that moderate drinkers have an increased resistance to viral infections.

While that's not exactly an excuse to get smashed on Jack Daniels, that does mean the natural healing properties of whiskey mixed with some warm liquids can get you through a miserable cold.


It's probably not the smartest idea to drink a sugary frozen margarita for this tip, but if you're into tequila solo, you can see some serious benefits.

A study from the American Chemical Society shows that tequila can not only aid in lowering blood sugar, but when used in moderation, it can help you shed the pounds.

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