Chewable Coffee Exists Now And It's An Absolute Game-Changer

I love coffee.

I love coffee first thing in the morning before I work out, I love it right after I eat breakfast and I love it when I need to beat my afternoon slump around 2 pm.

But, I have a few bones to pick with coffee. First of all, working out when I have to pee kind of blows, and that's exactly what happens when I have a cup of coffee or two before my workout. Secondly, it makes me kind of jumpy and anxious, and it can lead to a crash from time to time.

Apparently, Silicon Valley start-up Nootrobox knew people were having these issues with their favorite caffeinated beverage, which is why the company created something called GO CUBES.

GO CUBES are small cubes of chewable coffee that taste like drip coffee, a latte or a mocha, and one cube is equal to about one cup of coffee.

On top of being a super efficient way to get your coffee fix, the cubes are full of vitamins that provide mental clarity and focus, like B12 and B6. They also have L-theanine in them, an amino acid in green tea that provides a feeling of "calm alertness," meaning GO CUBES won't send you into a caffeine-related anxiety attack.

If you ask me, these chewable cubes sound like an awesome way to kick off my morning. And I'm not the only one -- GO CUBES are currently completely out of stock on Amazon. Go figure.

Not only does coffee provide an energy boost, but studies show coffee is packed with antioxidants and makes people happier, and you can drink up to five cups a day and still reap the benefits.

Needless to say, once GO CUBES are back in stock, I'll be first in line to buy a box.

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