This Is How Many Cups Of Coffee You Should Drink, According To An Expert

Feeling bad about that fourth cup of coffee you just brewed?

Don't. In fact, drink up. According to Harvard University researcher Vasanti Malik, drinking five cups of coffee every day is actually really f*cking good for you.

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Vasanti wrote,

Coffee, provided that it is minimally sweetened with sugar and not loaded with whipped cream can definitely be part of a healthy diet. Coffee whether it's caffeinated or decaf contains a number of healthful vitamins and nutrients and findings from our studies have shown associations with reduced risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mortality. Benefits are [seen] up to about five cups per day, after that there does not appear to be any additional benefit.

In other words, your super sweet seasonal Starbucks beverage isn't scoring you any points in the health department. But, drinking up to five cups of coffee with a splash of milk is actually a pretty good idea.

Still not sold?

Studies have also shown coffee improves physical performance and is good for your skin. And, it goes without saying it does wonders for your energy.

There's always going to be someone telling you coffee is bad for you, but haters gonna hate.

BRB, going to brew my fifth cup of coffee of the day because I care about my health.

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