This Cat Meditation Video Will Calm Your Stress As Election Results Roll In

by Rosey Baker

In the event that this election isn't decided by tomorrow morning (PLEASE GOD LET IT BE OVER!!!), we have an antidote to the stress you might be feeling, and it's cats on the internet.

It's pretty much scientifically proven that animal videos are the only thing holding the fabric of our nation together, so aside from voting, we've decided to do our part as citizens of this country by sharing this one with you. You're welcome, America.

Blue Cross for Pets in association with The Mindfulness Project has put together a compilation of sweet kitties and soft purring sounds to ease your worried mind, and you can watch it while standing in line to vote or fetal-ed up on your bedroom floor waiting for the results.

Like all meditation videos, this one features the voiceover talents of someone who sounds like she's on a dangerous dose of Vicodin, but after listening to Trump (the human bag of top soil) screaming through your TV for the last year, it's a guaranteed welcome change.

It also features shots of sweet tabby cats kneading their paws on a blanket, piles of kitties napping together and a close-up angle of two blue-eyed kittens learning how to walk as the voice asks quietly, "Has your mouth taken on the form of a smile?."

You bet your ass it has, Donna! (I'm calling the voice Donna.)


Not only will this video ease your anxiety about today being America's day of reckoning, it will also restore a little of your faith in humanity to know each of the cats in this video has found a loving forever home.

This election was like being shot with a fire hose and thrown in a dryer, but we've made it to the finish line. We've been stressed, angry, confused, insecure and downright terrified, but we can finally calm down, resting in the knowledge that the end is here.

Hopefully, you've already cast your vote to do all you can for your country. Now you can use this video to do something for yourself.